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W62 Header Images into E-llusion plugin

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Header images, before the E-llusion plugin

Header images are images in the header, which we use for background of our buttons, logo and menu. We currently rotate15 pictures.

Header image

Header image

Buttons in header

We currently have 4 buttons in the header, where we add important links like upcoming events or link to our subscribe form.


Header buttons

Old way of editing the code

You can edit all header images via WP-admin. Under Appearance -> Header you can edit, delete or add header images

Menu: Appearance -> Header

Menu: Appearance -> Header

All images for header buttons are in /httpdocs/wp-content/themes/graphene-child/images. Currently their names are header_img_1.png, header_img_2.png and header_img_5.png Add, edit or delete header image

Add, edit or delete header image

The code of the images are into header.php. On row 236 is the starting the code of the images. You can see the marked rows below into the screenshot. View from filezilla

View from filezilla

Header.php, the header links code




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