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U.S. and Canada Jobs: Once a month

This is the post from last month on U.S. Canada Jobs. It comes once a month. So you have to do this task once a month.

Here is the basis

Create the same report as last month

we have text for today but it has no images

1) You copy last month post into a new draft
2) Replace the old graphs with new graphs from this month
3) Copy the new text into the new draft

Find the images and replace

1) U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls
2) U.S. Unemployment Rate
3) U.S. Participation Rate
4) U.S. Average hourly Earnings


5) Canada Employment Change (not so important)
6) Canada Unemployment Rate
7) Canada participation Rate

Take all graphs from Investing.com if they are YoY or go back 5 years.

In the new draft: Remove the old text from last

Remove all text from Chandler
Keep the text from Dorgan


We always use the same tags when we copy the post.


Twice a month, PMI: Use always last month

For purchasing managers, use always last month.

Two Dates:

23rd of the same month are the Flash PMI published.
Chandler will speak of flash.

Use Germany, Purchasing Manager Index (Early Estimate: Flash)

1st of month: At the beginning of the next month, the final is published.


Same Day used, instead last Month

Flash PMI

Flash PMI

- Click to enlarge

PMI use Last Month not Same Day

- Click to enlarge


Link to Recent Economic Events

Link to recent posts

- Click to enlarge


Swiss Tourism Posts with “Number Overnight Stays” in Media Title and Tag

All Swiss Tourism must have two tags in the media.

Switzerland Tourism
Switzerland Number Overnight Stays.


Swiss Macro Overnight Stays

- Click to enlarge

Switzerland, KOF Economic Barometer

KOF: Copy Post.

Same as previous KOF.


Switzerland, Trade Balance

  • Copy old release into /swiss-trade-balance-2016
  • 2) On  old post – Correct the old source for Swiss customs with this link for our two ecographs
  • URL: 
  • 3) On new post
  • Source: Swiss Customs
  • URL: 
  • 4) open the PDF from today’s release and copy the new images from PDF and Investing.com
  • 5) For chapter sector finding use the graph Exports by industry sector and Imports by industry sector.
  • Total six graphs:
  • G1) Exports, imports overview
  • G2) Investing.com
  • G3) Exports by sector,
  • G4) Imports by sector
  • G5) Exports by country
  • G6) Imports by country.
  • 6) Remove the text for the third quarter, leave the introduction. Create a new overview section (same as Third quarter).
  • 7) Copy the new texts that correspond to the images.


Google translate Trade balance

Google Translate, use language plugin, look at duplicate word


What should u do when u see duplicate words?

We have to translate the paragraph from french to english.

Jewelry and jewellery is the same word. —> Remove one of them.
What u should do when u see spelling mistakes with language plugin?

We are using the Spell checker.

Duplicate word
Duplicate word

- Click to enlarge

Google Translate
Google Translate

- Click to enlarge

Jewelry and jewellery is the same word
Jewelry and jewellery is the same word

- Click to enlarge


Media Wizard FX Rates

This is an advanced video for our media wizard. It explains how to use the media wizard for FX Rates screenshots.

(September 26)


Swiss Macro English Words inside Graph


(October 25)


Swiss Balance Payments


(December 22)


Swiss Balance Payments 2


(December 22)


Swiss Macro Concepts


(October 25)


Economic History Graphs

Swiss or FX Rates without Swiss




(November 03)



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