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Why do we do documentation?

We want to know what we can do and how a user does it.
Hence step by step guides, which we will need for sales anyway.
I need to see the data and database design, so that I know if the software architecture is correct.
I do not need to see a lot of PHP, just a litte CSS and maybe some little bugs caused by conversion like cannot load image or duplicate images.
Our documentation is organised in different menu items:

Track Work:

Tracks our tasks and archived tasks, this has been replaced by Trello.com


Points that help to work more quickly.


Marketing of our sites over Twitter, FB, G+ and our community.


Things that belong to the concept, they are rather high-level.
The audience are investors or stake-holders.


These contain descriptions of the plugins we use and that we write.

The chapter is divided in:

  • Our Plugins, the ones that we developed or improved.
  • External Plugins: The ones we like and use..

Our idea is to describe the plugins in a very detail. All plugin admin screens and the consequence in the front-end.

Site Design

Overview Doc Site Menu

Trello link

The video explains the latest about our menu items.

Which item is where.



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