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Convert VOB/Webm into AVI, MPG

Use Miro Converter

RatDVD –> VOB (DVD) –> AVI / MPG


Output Folder for AVI.


Convert into MKV

The video shows how to

  • run torrents and
  • convert them into MKV
  • Link to Software missing

Convert Torrents


  • Delete Torrent for finished downloads
  • If it is not compressed, then Convert with latest version of makemkv
  • Conversion into MKV: keep all subtites and audios
  • Move into VideosIn (on desktop)


Test and Delete
CM81 Test and Delete

- Click to enlarge

Converted video
CM81 Converted video

- Click to enlarge



Check if converted works including subtitles

Delete finished files






Profile Handbrake

Profile MKV 720×450 inside

Program Settings Handbrake

Format 16:10 = 720:450

Choose all my languages as audio and subtitles
German, English,French, Italian, Portugues, Russian


MKV on Android

Cannot play MKV on Android because it eliminates

  • All subtitles
  • Additional languages

Convert MKV now into MP4 with AVC Ultimate.


  • Russian, (if available)


  • English


put 3 main screens into next 3 rows

Solution Codec does not work for displaying subtitles.




Step 1: Download MX Player from Google Play Store. I guess you can do that               yourself.

Step 2: Download the MX Player All in One Codec Zip file. This codec supports almost every video and audio formats (including AC3 audio format) and also what you need that is the subtitles will also play with this codec.

You can download it from: xda-developers – DevDB . If not found here then google a bit and you will find it easily.

Step 3: Transfer the codec to your phone or tablet.

Step 4: Fire up MX Player, and go to Settings>Decoder>Custom codec (scroll to the end of the list for that one).

Step 5:  Point the basic file browser to the zip file you just placed in the Downloads or another folder of choice.

Step 6: The MX Player will automatically pick the right codec for your device, and restart itself to finish the process.



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