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V57 Film Attributes & Conversion

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Videos and Pics

Frame Width

Frame Width Folder Level

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720p 1080i 1080p
1280 pixels x 720 pixels 1920 pixels x 1080 lines 1920 x 1080 pixels
Progressive scan: Draws all pixels at once. Interlaced: Split into two groups of 540 lines each. Progressive scan: Draws all pixels at once.
720 horizontal lines 1080 horizontal lines 1080 horizontal lines
Progressive scan Interlaced scan Progressive scan

Frame Width on Devices


Device Resolution
Galaxy Tab (2018) 1200 x 1920 (16:10)
Transferred 720 x 430 (16:10)


Frame Width in Windows

Step 8a:

Optimize folder for Videos so we can see Frame Width for Films.


How to

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File Explorer, click the “File” menu and then click the “Change folder and search options” command. In older versions of Windows, this command was named “File and folder options.”


Step 8b:

Find the Frame Width of the Film.


Step 8c:

Write Frame Width at the end of the converted film.



IMDB Link for Films

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Step 12a:

We want the IMDB Rating of the films and link to their IMDB page.

We go to IMDB Website and search by the film’s name with the search bar.


Step 12b:

When we go to the film’s IMDB page

Right Click -> Save Page as.. and save the page to film’s VOB folder.



How many at same time


We want to know how many RatDVD we run at same time.

We look at memory.

Example shows only 24% and 27% of CPU.

No problem to run 2 instances, but it can go to 100% total memory.


RatDVD Check CPU Memory

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2 Conversions

We make many 2 conversions at same time.


RatDVD Many Conversions at same time
RatDVD Many Conversions at same time

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