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Public Folders

2) Moreover, I could use public folders but I cannot see a public folder in my pcloud.

Would you please put screenshots to your documentation, this would help a lot.

3) And the documentation is always in German, how do I switch the language.

Link to documentation

Pcloud Cleanup, Prgs and Profiles Backup to NAS

  • Profiles are many small files, same for prgs (contains profiles)
  • Problems when copying to Clouds (both Google, Pcloud Sync)
  • — Solution
  • Keep prgs inside G:\drive
  • Ccleaner deletes all caches files
  • Move Profiles from Pcloud into NAS
  • Remove duplicates U:\Profiles2020.10
  • Profiles Prgs on NAS
  • Decide which folder is master inside profiles2020.10
  • make zip file of master regularly and copy to P cloud
  • Hyperbackup on NAS only, better for small files
  • Pcloud will contain a backup zip files
  • HB20%OFF210331
  • 310321HB10%OFF

SyncComp Cleanup

  • We move all small files away from SyncComp into the NAS
  • We only keep a zip copy of
  • — Profiles
  • Profiles are first cleaned up locally with Ccleaner and Revo Tools
  • Then put into zip file with date and uploaded to SyncComp -> Profile folder
  • — Prgs
  • When there is a change into prg structure we move it into a “delta folder” that contains new prgs and changed scripts


Pcloud Backup


Files over 5GB

— Problem Description

Pcloud has quota for uploading files for shared folders
—- Solution1: Upload file through web front-end
Login as geoorgge@gmail –> see pass in keepass
Upload file
Share the file with george@ellusion (our master account)
—- Solution2: Login in pcloud with geoorgge@gmail
Login pcloud with geoorgge@gmail
Look at the quota that has this account
Upload the file directly into correct folder: Folder name: P:\SyncTeam!Thunderbird\Ma3x Profile
—- Aim
Thunderbird Main Folder backup uploaded to Pcloud
We need the backup into pcloud
Folder name: P:\SyncTeam!Thunderbird\Ma3x Profile
—- Work-Around: Missing Shares
If shares are missing for geoorgge@gmail
Login with george@ellusion via web
Invite geoorgge@gmail in our shares
— Shares:
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