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PRIV B44 Amazon loader Testing

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1) Go through the user alphabetically. Choose a user with a first and last name. Do not choose institutions as user.
1b) Go to Amazon and find number of books for first/last name. Write this to the new comment field, close to Add Books (new function to be implemented). In Amazon look for author and editor role. Screenshot_4
2) Go to user,  click on Add Books and open in new Tab Screenshot_6
3) The Amazon loader dialog opens with the results of the books loading process.
4a) If no books found, then check in Amazon, if you find books
4b) Double-users: 2 people in one user. Do nothing for them!
5) You can manually adjust the params and start a new search.
5a) has é or è in name, then load manually with e (correct the name and click Get Books). so André Sapir, load also books for Andre Sapir. Do the same for German äöü
5b) Double first names: Example Angel.J Ubide. We find this book in Amazon, but we cannot add it automatically when the user is Angel.Ubide. So we must search with “Angel.J Ubide” in Author Name
6) Go to the user window/tab, click on View Author Profile in new Tab
7) Click on my books. You see all the books with excerpts. The excerpts should contain a book number (ISBN or ASIN or EAN). https://european.economicblogs.org/author/andre-sapir/books
8) Multiple names problems. Check if the books make sense. Sometimes authors have very common names. Check how old is the book. Too old books of 1960 or so do not make sense.
9) Write all the booknumbers (either ISBN or ASIN or EAN, only one of them!) from “My Books” in a Excel table. It depends on the author country which one is best.
10) Click on one book from the list, view if all attributes look good.
11) Click on View on Amazon. It opens in a new tab.
12) Compare Attributes with our book page
13) Amazon: Click on author (see attachment how). The Amazon author profile opens
14) Amazon Author Profile: Check the book numbers against our list
15) Create bugs in the current sprint with list bugs
16) Go to next user, do all authors with at least 1 post, but concentrate on users with common names, with äöü, é etc.




Author Bug and issues
 Uuriintuya Batsaikhan Can not load book:

Divergent Paths of Inflation Stabilization

 Zsolt Darvas Featured picture for book not loaded
Euro Area Enlargement and Euro Adoption Strategies: Economic Paper 2008
 Pater Tenebrarum  has three books, non belong to him  This is a pseudo!
 Nicolas Véron  multiple books to be deleted  DONE
 Karen.E.Wilson Wrong books loaded –  to be deleted  DONE
Dan Popescu 2 wrong books added – filter loaded books from other authors. example: Alexandru Dan Popescu, Viorel Dan Popescu  DONE
 Tibor Machan Havemany books in Amazon, could not load  DONE
In the search “N.Gregory” must not ignore the books on Amazon

Amazon Link

: Author filter uses dot (and comma) as separator between different persons.

Correct: Only comma and potentially space is separator for different persons, but not dot

Author string: K.C. Fung, Alicia Garcia Herrero,

should find author K.C.Fung

Author String: N.Gregory Mankiw

should find author N.Gregory Mankiw

Second Example:

Theodore H.Moran  62 books

User should do a manual search and use * as Manual character
 data loaded successfully

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