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PRIV D24 Server Installation

Page no: D24

This page notes:

  1. new servers, software and screenshot
  2. how you can use it


Further explanations:

there are two ways of installing one server

1) Simple and Fast Way

you set the params for RAM, HDD, timeouts based on the hardware
for example – if you have 4gb RAM, your php must have no more than 256MB ram per process


How can companies like Netcup can offer managed Server at cheap prices?

They have templates based on the hardware of the vps
They run the template and that’s it

We also have templates, but when we can.. it is better to setup it manual
Now we will monitor the server for 1 or 2 weeks and make corrections where it needs.

Which tests?

2) Client-specific configuration

But if you want the server to be faster, you need to setup the server based on the site

You examine what the site needs

and you give some constraints, for example:

  • the standard max opened connection is 300
  • but sometimes you need more or less

You have to figure out what exactly needs the site:

you have to set lower values, so the site and the time for opening the site will decrease
So ones needs to monitor the whole process what happen and what we can improve
In most of the cases, we install vps and forget about it..
Then it is the client’s problem.

in that case.. we need to have the best performance which we can give



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