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How to make Google Drive Run on Laptop

  • Go through all computers (see Enum checklist)
  • Install Google drive on all new computers

————– Master Account: George-BG —————

  • 1) log in into master account (andy) and share the folder to the rest accounts from the enumeration
  • 2) prg as Shared Folder, (Choose h:\drive\andy\prg on Windows)
  • 3) Choose folder and choose the accounts according to table above
    • a) Put the email address from the table for the shared accounts
    • b) add the email addresses as contacts and share with the contact name

—- Shared Accounts on Website—

  • 1) Log in in different account according to the computer and Table above (all passes are in keepass)
  • 2) go trough every single account and log in in google with him
  • 3) go into “shared with me” folder and move the folder (drag & drop) into your google drive folder
  • 4) wait and see if the syncing will start

—- Make Google Sync Run

  • 1) Install Google Backup and Sync ,if not installed yet
  • 2) Choose right account according to table
  • 3) Log into account inside Windows GUI
  • 3b) Potentially you must deconnect (because wrong account on Computer)
  • 3c) make sure to use unlimited storage (verify on website)
  • 4) Do not choose any anything under My computer
  • 5) Choose H:\drive
  • 6) Choose sync everything (pay attention when too much size, then wrong account)
  • 7) Unchecked Do not show when delete, other button checked

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