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We need to specify the text which will be shown right to the author. Until now it was setted by default. It was “Published by” in the WordPress default. We change to be “by” by default. We also add a new option into user panel where we can specify custom text for all authors.

For example if we want to show “Added by” to user Dorgan it can be done via Users – > List users -> Edit user.

Pro Functionality3: Follow Author Snippets

We introduce snippets inside the text that allows to publish a form of comment.
We prefer to use an “Author” prefix to avoid confusion with other snippets.

The syntax of the snippet is in-line with WordPress requirements as follows:

It needs to be discussed if the normal Follow Author box requires too much space for such comment and if we should limit it to selected social channels.

Follow author Lite: changed author text “about Deutsche Bank’s”

Author Snippet duplicated Snippets

On this pbe cleanup the author snippets

Author Snippet duplicated Snippets
A36 Author Snippet duplicated Snippets

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Snippet text and position is Option?

The Follow_Author snippet will be often use in the beginning of a post/page.
Here it must work as introduction.



  1. The snippet should allow a second parameter
  2. The snippet should have 3rd parameter position (right or left)
  3. Plugin option that says author box left or right
introduction by
George Morgan
My articles
Follow on:

Follow author as an image


In the text of the doc page we can use the follow author as an image.

Video name: Author Snippets inside TinyTable Shown Outside (old video)

No Trello Task


Video shows a bug about Author Snippet. The snippet does not shown in TinyTable, there is a some sort of bug.




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