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PRIV S52 Social followers into subscribers

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Business Requirements

Currently we store the blog / Mailpoet subscribers in our WordPress user table. We would like to collect people that use our pages via social channels.
Hence when somebody tweets an snbchf.com page then we should obtain his email address.




Task one: Get Email address from Twitter

We can send to all of them direct message asking them to subscribe to our newsletter. We can make this easily using twitter api. I think most of them will give their emails and become subsribers.

Reference: Twitter API

Task two: Get Email address from Google+

With users which are into G+, we can get their emails from G+ and add them automatically into subscribers. It is not bad idea, but I think some part of the users will not like the idea.


Task three: Get Email address from facebook


Precondition: it makes sense to sync Twitter and Google+ Followers, see this here.


Task 1: Register in Facebook, Google+, etc via Ready Graph

The main problem with Ready Graph is that We can import/add users into it. It is still developed (reference). It is better to have all users with their data in our DB, so we can use them for what we want.

Using Ready Graph and subscribe2 can costs us a lot of trobles. For example the main trouble is that subsribe2 sends 100 mails and stops. We have to investigate and fix it. After that on every update (we must update subsribe2, because in some time it will stop working with Ready graph) we had to fix again and again. This is time consuming.

The other problem is that if we use Ready Graph we stuck with subscribe2 or some others (reference).

I can’t find any information about if we can make integration between ready graph and wp users. Probably we can.

I’m not sure that it will took less time than APIs, because there is no any documentation and what they give us are some plugins. If we need some different functionality (for example to add their buttons in our form) will took more time.


Register in Facebook, Google+ via their APIs

We can use their APis for integration. After they register with their FB/G account, we can use what we want from their information (names, language, country). Main benefit here is that we can ask for permission to post on their walls or send them notifications (when new post is added?). We also have experience with the APIs

The other benefit is that when we make it custom, we can switch from one comment system to other, or one newsletter plugin to other without any problem. All of them worked with wp core users. So the APIs login process will be separate of all other process on the site.

If the time for developing is the problem, we can use some plugins like this. The whole process will be on different not related parts.


No matter what plugin or way we use, it is better to add the user in our user db, too. It will give us the freedom for changing all of the process without troubles.


Compared both of the ways – the Facebook and Google+ APIs are better, because there will be no payment for this every month. And we can add or remove functionality without problem. When it is custom, we will not have any borders.


About the registering process for Subscribe2 and Wysija/MailPoet


I think there is no any chance for comparing them. Wysija is a lot better than Subscribe2.

We don’t need to make anything, if we use Wysija. The plugin can send information to wp users, too. So we need to make all of them subsribers.

If we use subscribe2, we have to manually them as subscribers.


ReadyGraph is a tool that makes it easy for websites to grow and manage their user-base, by allowing/utilizing: user sign-up, through an optional notification tab and an intelligent pop-up, with one-click sign-up and social login options; user friend invitations, through the sign-up pop-up, or a sidebar button; automated emails (optional) that keep visitors coming back, such as welcome messages to greet new users, recent site updates/posts to keep them informed, gentle reminders for inactive users, and a weekly digest of new content; mass emailing, for fast communication to all your subscribers; user-interaction, through an optional comment-feed sidebar; analytic tools, to track new subscribers, daily visits, and other key metrics that quantify your website’s growth and user engagement.

Ready Graph uses subscribe2 in Page2, page3, page 4
but it does a lot more because it is active in the comment systems
Register process of ReadyGraph and subscribe2 is seperated
but still somehow integrated
I wanted to integrate Livefyre users (comment System) and our users
We are currently more on the subscription and reading aspect
Hence the feasility page is the whole process
inside this whole process, I will use different Systems like wysia and Livefyre
this is at least my vision
and maybe Facebook but we integrate all of them and use their data, like Livef. and FB users
So the process diagram is:
WYSIA Register —> copy to us, Our tool/data —> WYSIA daily mails —> Our Tool/data
Livefyre Register –> copy to us —> Lifefyre comment –> Our tool/data
Facebook Register –> copy to us when there is a link to our blog –> Facebook comment –> our tool/data
WYSIA is already fully integrated into the wordpress blog, it is a plugin
we got already the data, I think
Livefyre is less integrated, more work
Facebook comments are even less integrated, most work
important is to know: Which is the user table
1) the WordPress user table (type users subscriber) or the
2) the Subscribe2 or WYSIA subscription table

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