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Improvements inside the Plugin

Tweet Multiple Authors

Revive Old Post have a limitation for no more than one Twitter profile. Which we disabled.

File Name: ??

Main File of the plugin:

Aim: See the main page on Autotweet


Improvements outside of the Plugin

Tweet Videos

  • Functionality: Tweet Custom Post Type

It was outside the plugin, before buying the Premium version of the plugin. Currently, with the premium version, this functionality is unlocked by default, and our code is not needed anymore.



Excerpt into Tweet

  • Excerpt must be in Tweet
  • Change to 280 characters






Remove Links from Excerpt

When loading from Youtube, we should remove links or only “Https” from the excerpt.

It is done and implemented on all sites.
Example: SNBCHF

If new version -> the change will not be affected

It is a custom code, which enables these settings.

It is not part of the plugin, but it

  • adds the excerpt, so- called “content” via filter
  • this content field is already available in the plugin
  • modifies the settings of the plugin. so that Content and Post TItle & Content can be selected.

Name of the filter: modify_post_content

Why can this filter update the excerpt itself, so that also Mailpoet does not send the links in the excerpt?

This is not possible, because is on different place and you can’t modify it.





Revive old Posts Extend with Videos

  • We need to decide: If we fix the plugin or we buy the pro version
  • What does the pro version is able to do?
  • Functionality: Tweet Custom Post Type
  • —- Decision
  • Buy and integrate our old changes —> difficult
  • Fix on our own, 1 hour time
  • This approach is finished when the plugin stops working completely

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