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Mailpoet vs. MailChimp

Is MailChimp better than MailPoet?
26% (Mailchimp) against 13% (Mailpoet)1. Compare longer-term history 18-20% (Mailpoet)
No data yet.2. Sent from a new Email address: This increases visibility, because
a) New Mail Junk Mail filter
b) Mail is not in Junk any more
c) (new) Mailpoet is a newsletter service, gmail is not. Mailpoet has better visibility in newsletter emails than gmail


1. Mailpoet had average % in the history

2. I agree


Compare Newsletters


It does not sent newsletters since 28 Feb.

I changed a little bit the mailpoet and his settings. We will fully monitoring this night.

It is not good that Niki and Rad use half the day to fix Mailpoet. We have more important things to do than fixing other people’s plugin.

It is not good that Niki and Rad use half the day to fix Mailpoet. We have more important things to do than fixing other people’s plugin.


Still we might use Mailpoet also on Economic Blogs.

1. Buy premium version, install updates. Here we expect that it works. They do the support, not Niki.

2. Keep our version that removes the software protection and use it on Economicblogs.

3. Buy 1 premium version and adapt it for Economicblogs.

4. Use an alternative provider. I do not like the DB design of Mailpoet. There might be better provider that have good graphical design and good DB design.

5. RSS to Email by Mailchimp.


  1. We do not need the premium version, because free version works for our number of subscriber.
  2. Our version has a problem. It is not compatible any more with the Mailpoet site/software. So we had to go back to the free version. We lost too much with our version.
  3. We can install the free version also on ecoblogs, as long as the number of subscribers is low.
  4. See comparison. We have not found a better provider than Mailpoet.
  5. : Our posts are often not ready. They are ready only at 22pm, when George has edited them.


Testing Mailchimp

We use the free version of the Mailpoet with our css changes. We do not need the pro version. We will need it after we have more than 2 000 subscribers.

We switched to mailchimp. We did an automatic integration of our subscribers to Mailchimp.
We did also an email template and the guys need only to fill up the data. They will need 10 minutes to prepare the email.  I also verified the domain and we will send emails from [email protected].

The template is in the screens.

Free Mailpoet
Free Mailpoet

- Click to enlarge


I do not agree that we use MailChimp without having considered other Newsletter providers. The tasks clearly stated that the compare the alternatives. I think there is also a MailChimp Newsletter for 19$ per month.

Niki’s jobs is to reduce the work of the team, not to increase it. Moreover, today is Sunday and I cannot see a newsletter


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