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P35 URL Stop Words

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Pics and Video

Stop Word “hike” is not removed and not shown in stop words inside URL

Expected: The stop word “hike” is part of the key phrase “fed-rate-hike”.

So “fed-rate-hike” must not be removed. But a single “hike” must be removed.

: Apparently the algo uses key phrases of one word only. And strips all keyphrases into multiple keyphrases.

So the key phrase “Fed Rate Hike” becomes 3 key phrases “Fed” “Rate” and “Hike”.




Currently it is working. It was a bug.
The issues are 2:

1) When we auto generate the keep words from tags, we take all tags no matter how long are they. This was the requirement. The result was keep words with one single letter (like s, or d).

–> I cannot understand this, why does it matter?

I might understand one character, but two…

Yes I agree remove all non-stop words with one character.

2) Second issue was that we keep as words “fed”, “rate” and “fed rate”. When I remove from the list “fed”, “rate”, “fed rate” and keep only fed rate hike everything was perfect as it seen on problem screen.

multiple keyphrases


Solution screen

- Click to enlarge

Possible problem

Currently I do not use words with smaller than 2 symbols.
But I suggest when we sync the words to make an algorithm, which will take only bigger words or to make somehow unique.
Or a simple trick is to order all the tags by length, so it will “keep” the biggest keep words firstly.

–> Anyway we have too much disorder in the tags
I see little sense in key phrases or tags with more 3 or 4 words, because no one will search for it. You do not write sentences as tags, this is non-sense.

One word tags should also not exist, except that they people or company names. Currently we have too many unordered tags, hence we load the tags by length and alphabet.

List1: Tags with more than 4 words
List2: 4-words tags, alphabetical
List3: 3-words tags, alphabetical
List4: 2-words tags, alpha
List5: 1-word tags, alpha

You work through the lists in this order.

Stop Words need new Fields: Stop Words applied, Keyphrases


Additionally I need the fields


Stop Words Found: This lists all the stop words in the old slug

Key Phrases Found: This lists all the key phrases in the old slug


New for These Old Pages


Truncate leading and ending spaces


This must be done on the stop words using the alphabetizer.
Remove also the dots inside the stop words.

There are many stop words without a leading/ending space and many with a leading or ending space.

Example: ” absolutely” or “favorably ”


George: DONE on A




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