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PRIV S57 Dummy Profiles

Page no: S57


We need social profiles for publishing our content.


7 or 8 different persons with the following social networks

  • Highest Prop: different email address (e-llusion)
  • DONE: passport copy would be good, because sites like Airbnb start verifying passports
  • Highest Prio: Twitter profile
  • Second Prio: Facebook Profile
  • Third Prio: Airbnb Profile
  • Fourth Prio: Linkedin Profile
  • Fifth Prio: Google Profile (via gmail), this is only a secondary email.


Important: No direct connection between the accounts. When asked to login via Facebook or Twitter, say No!

Master Email is the e-llusion email


(first name, last name)

  1. Alessandro Povoli (Italy)
  2. Davide Macioce (Italy)
  3. Celso Pizzolato (Italy)
  4. Bruno Martini (Brasil)
  5. Gabriella Barny (UK)
  6. Hang Jinming (Singapore)
  7. Kabiru Yusuf (Ghana)
  8. Tatyana Drochenko (Russia)


They are now aliases of george@e-llusion email

Videos and Pics

Filters Dummy Mails



Full Name Mail =
Login Air, FB,Linked
(given to sites)
Birthday Login
Address(do not use this for login in sites)


Alessandro Povoli [email protected] 23.5.1966 [email protected] aKQH96hUa6pAjbGXzqvd BzdKkrrp45z7dLEAoTOQ [email protected] MtUhhIvYqbbXVCtboOB0 Asdqwe123. MtUhhIvYqbbXVCtboOB0 a_pivoli rsciG4bejl6ckTMW4ODW


[email protected] 23.11.1987 [email protected] Osyxhd6BDIFT4S7IJCKE 5t0Of69f1JWIYN9Io0uy [email protected] cuThZ8NDmfE23 dDFFGMHZCEANtwh9BovA martinib20 w7JfiIBgUecU0B0AZ
Pizzolato [email protected] 15.11.1954 [email protected] tMVI90qkAAl6RHlfJpE7 e9kBiu2PckgvvgGK7yCR [email protected] l84021knso5 N0e6fm9Wqkga5bnEtunb celso_pizzolato uAfb1X0yaOUDJKiKPEmH
Davide Macioce [email protected] 24.06.1991 [email protected] gLHs1F9FkE3NpEYj5jdj V8c9FAsgtOtILLMOy5GJ [email protected] RHHmnPQcoC9ZCnt c1wKW59Jp3518nHOjQcr davide_macioce YrMBdGyafkeebauEk4PQ
Barny [email protected] 31.07.1986 [email protected] TKUqL2mefGNYA9BAQnER 14UClMmdi5y5Uddpp4g7 [email protected] jw8wbqc3ud8 Ar0soLlnMq9XzIueSbKg [email protected] HDwIqvgrEEmgjD0o7
Jinming [email protected] 12.07.1980 [email protected] XqdtstHOAevkjh8RRL4W 8T4sG0fICP7NHwKC4a1o [email protected] nULLt28ifK AFNBJLBnqdJPNmkJ0unb HangJinming HuSCPypNhe51CW0eo4uJ
Yusuf [email protected] 23.06.1953 [email protected] ig7TM8GdPY9YSGqQLSRk CNtE9e0Tv8OhDHxi9Sfl [email protected] tSmD8bt04q datQEmofNx593P8ekMSg kabiru_yusuf2 lUndeFlcmR9DFW7LyPwv
Drochenko [email protected] 02.11.1983 [email protected] uMIqYGY2BzsqbpGpIcUC LZeEeuAsRRdwEnJJXvIo [email protected] RF7cz86dl7i vaXvO2OZBACEJ5ACUswm TDrochenko vaXvO2OZBACEJ5ACUswm
Twitter Mail Twitter Phone  Twitter Profiles
No  Austrian_blogs kW5WALvRy37m9n3
[email protected] +359898455338  centralbanks_ rrXfAiDPGeob
No  economicblogsch FJIWOrW5MP
+359885769676  economic_leader u4vBq3UYIL
[email protected] No  European_blogs neIzlc3Ao8
No heterodox_blogs jlP4BHPlEcv
No Syndicate_blogs UwdLwpXOy8d
No macro_blogs UwdLwpXOy8d

Person Names


have a Bulgarian one?

Passport copies and photos on Pcloud under




You do not need to use the same photos as on the passports

Facebook, Linkedin, Airbnb require a photo


E-llusion Email is the main email.

Use a different E-llusion emails as main email address.

[email protected]
[email protected]




Use a Keypass file that you can send me.

Passwords for the social media can be the same for each person, just the initial letter different.

So if the password is “ahef333” then use “fahef333” for Facebook (with the f), “lahef333” for LinkedIn (with the l).


Twitter Profile Names

You create first a twitter profile for each of the people.

We need the following profile names in Twitter, I tested the availability:

  1. Austrian_blogs
  2. centralbanks_
  3. economic_leader
  4. European_blogs
  5. heterodox_blogs
  6. Syndicate_blogs
  7. I have already registered Swissmacro
  8. I have already registered EconomicFeed


Photo: Use the logos from our blogs as photo, no personal photo.



Facebook Profiles

Create facebook profiles with the person names.

Later: But create a page for each of them, with the Twitter profile names.

Photo: Person photo


Airbnb Profiles

Airbnb will need to verify the person. It does the verification with social networks and potentially a passport copy.

They may require a passport (see above).

Photo: Person photo

Passport: Person passport



LinkedIn Profiles

Create a Linkedin Name with the person  names.

Photo: Person photo


Gmail and Google Profile

Gmail is only secondary mail.

Photo: no photo











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