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Y11 Restore Excerpt without HTML

Page no: Y11

Page No: Y11


List postname, postdate, old excerpt, new excerpt

Explanation appears after user choose function.
“This fixed an older bug. We had an HTML excerpt. This function converts the HTML excerpt into pure text”.

Restore Excerpt

Post Title, Date, Old Excerpt and New Excerpt

Restore Excerpt 2

Results with Trash items

Restore Excerpt without HTML

(December 18)


Results after run Restore Excerpt without HTML Function.



How to regenerate: Which syndic tools functions, simply reload

Object How to regenerate
Meta description Can be regenerate, done
Meta title Can be regenerate, not done yet
Meta keywords Can be regenerate. But it is not needed, Google does not consider MK as important meta tag
Title Can’t be regenerate. Will mess up FeedWordpress.
Excerpts Can be regenerate, done
Keywords It is the same as Meta Keywords
Featured image Can be regenerate


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