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  1. cheap server
  2. very good location
  3. very professional service
  4. very good INTERNATIONAL connection
  5. it will be good if it is big company

How can they have 90 million articles without performance issues?




  1. Bigger servers. This is very important. They have very big servers, so the performance issues are not a problem for them.
  2. Cache. They have caches, which are not purged everyday. Our cache is purged everyday and this is pointless.
  3. We need to investigate and fix our performance issues which are from the template and the plugins. We have some issues and must get rid of them.




1. Ecoblogs is slow: so why don’t we have bigger servers?

We can have big servers, but this will costs more money per month.

2. Are we doing pointless things? What do you mean?

Yes, It is not good idea to purge our caches everyday.

3. Which performance issues?

I don’t know what are our performance issues, but our sites are slow, so we definitely have.



Server Location to Switzerland

Most blogs come from the U.S. and from Switzerland, but not from Germany.

Swiss law is not so strict as Germany.

Therefore we are pretty secure, as for complaints from Germany.

This is different for Swiss economic blogs.


Original Blog Our Server…………… Our Company Our Access from
United States Germany Bulgaria BG, Switzerland
Some European Germany Bulgaria BG, Switzerland
 Some UK  Germany  Bulgaria BG, Switzerland
 Switzerland  Germany  Bulgaria BG, Switzerland

Update on Image Copying


A reliable website is a must for businesses in the Internet age. For this you need a reliable, powerful and flexible webhosting provider.
Let’s get straight to the point: If you own a business, then your company needs a website. This is true not only for digital businesses, but also for painting shops and bakeries to be found over the Internet. The times when you looked up in the yellow pages, are long gone. People today use Google or other search engines to find the service they want. No matter what kind of business you run, you need to own a website if you want to be competitive.

First steps

First, you need to find a web hosting provider that will store your website on its servers and make it available to visitors. Services can vary widely from web host to web host – such as different data transfer rates, storage volumes and other features. So you should take the time to find the most suitable provider for your business.

There are several types of hosting, including Shared, Virtual Private Server (VPS) and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is good for users who do not want to spend a lot of money on the hosting service and who do not (yet) care about data transfer rates and response times. VPS hosting, on the other hand, is ideal for small businesses looking for more power but not paying the high cost of dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting is powerful and expensive; It is intended for websites that expect several thousand visitors per day.

Which functions do you need?

Many webhosters offer limited functionality in their starter kits, and for higher ranked plans, the offer is usually greatly expanded. Read the fine print to make sure you choose the right offer.
What you certainly want is a web host that offers 24/7 customer support. Forums and info pages are good and right, but sometimes it is essential to communicate with a support representative.
When it comes to operating systems, Linux is usually the default option. Nevertheless, some web hosts also offer Windows. If you want to use Windows-specific server-side applications or have written your own .NET application, then you need to make sure your web host offers Windows hosting.


While the above features are important, availability plays a much bigger role. Availability is the time a server has stayed in operation. It is usually indicated as a percentage, e.g. “99.9% availability”. If your hosting provider guarantees high availability then it means that your website can also be highly available. Websites that can not be reached can not be visited by potential customers.


Providers Conclusion Subscription fee per month in CHF
Web storage in GB
Test Option Weblink
Cyon + storage Lineup
+ Good support
– Fee start subscription
9.90 – 24.90
25 – 200
30 days Cyon.ch
Genotec + Good support
– Storage offer
– Price-performance ratio
9.90 – 29.90
15 – 35
No Genotec.ch
Green.ch + Simple user interface
+ Storage offer
– subscription fees
– Bad support
7.90 – 24.90
5 – 100
No green.ch
Hostfactory + Versatile storage offer
+ Very cheap start subscription
+ Simple user interface
4.30 – 135
2 – 200
30 days hostfactory.ch
Hostpoint + Storage offer
+ Good support
+ Simple user interface
– subscription fees
12.90 – 24.90
50 – 500
30 days hostpoint.ch
Hoststar + Storage offer
+ Good value for money
+ Cheap subscription fees
+ Simple user interface
5.90 – 19.90
40 – 100
 No hoststar.ch
Hosttech + Good support
+ Simple user interface
– subscription fees
– Storage offer
8.80 – 24.80
25 – 105
No hosttech.ch
Novatrend + Good support
+ Simple user interface
+ Subscription fees
+ Storage offer
4.90 – 59
10 – 200
No novatrend.ch
Swisscom + Storage offer
+ Good support
– subscription fees
9.90 – 34.90
10 – unlimited
No swisscom.ch
Webland + Good support
+ Simple user interface
– subscription fees
– Storage offer
7.90 – 14.90
10 – 50
No webland.ch
Kreativmedia + Storage offer
+ Good value for money
+ Cheap subscription fees
7.90 – 14.90
50 – 100
No kreativmedia.ch
ORC Webhosting + Storage offer
+ Good value for money
+ Cheap subscription fees
+ Good support
2.50 – 12.90
10 – 100
No orcwebhosting.com
Infomaniak + Super storage offer
+ Good value for money
+ Cheap subscription fees
+ Very good support
+ Nice user interface
10.70 – 19.35
100 – 500
No infomaniak.com
Servertown + Storage offer
+ Good value for money
+ Cheap subscription fees
– Support
3.80 – 24.90
35 – 100
No servertown.ch



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