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Nickname versus official name

Sometimes authors use the nickname instead the official name.


Nickname Official Name
Fred Frederic
Jeff Jeffrey
Jim James
Mike Michael



FInd on twitter with Official Name:




Finding People in Twitter

We can find people in Twitter:

  • Log into Twitter
  • write the name of the author
  • Click on people

Twitter search: Person + Organisation

person name + organisation

  • You see the name of the organisation in the email address
  • Usually you get to top and the author displays first



Google Search for Twitter

Person name + Organisation



Find People in Twitter

Chandler: Always need an economic graph, if not found ask George

New feeds: Always create some authors (at least 1 or 2)

First Name, Last Name rules

Email: Remove www from email address, do not use E-llusion any more

Author Pictures: Always take good picture, they are often better on LinkedIn or Twitter


People that do not have twitter 

they do not use @charlesBlahous, instead normal names

–> They do not have twitter


Twitter Authors

Twitter Find Handle for Authors

Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary: Empty

Wrong Entry

Twitter Wrong Entry

Twitter Wrong Entry
A2x Twitter Wrong Entry

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Twitter has and has not

When we search in twitter for some user, we can easy find if this user has twitter or no. If the name from the search result is in black color and bolded, that means the user has not a twitter. Otherwise will show up short name and with “@” from the start of the name.

Twitter has and has not
A2x Twitter has and has not

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Copy Twitter From European to Leaders

PIIE.com feed is moved to Leaders, he is not in European anymore. That is why we have to copy the users from European to Leaders

Copy Twitter From European to Leaders
Copy Twitter From European to Leaders

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