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SP88 Keywords not to be spinned

Page no: SP88


Concept: Keywords not to be spinned

Define a list of keywords that should NOT be spinned. These keywords are normal text (and not HTML tags or similar)



Each client blog will have a list with words which will not be spinned.

List for all clients

“master” list with general words, which we do not want to be spinned in client websites.


Words: Single or multiple words?

Both single or multiple words.


Capital letters

We need a function which can detect words with first capital letter and do not spin them.
-> This is a functionality one Software uses.


Why shouldn’t we spin words with first capital letters?

This is the way software works.

Words starting with Capital Letters is just one way of doing Words not to be Spinned.

Concept solution

The solution will be the same as we use for the image (link)

We will detect these words in the original text, no matter if we want to be capital-first-letter words or user-defined. We will replace them with a unique code .

“Germany” will be “#1#”, which will means that this is the first replaced word.

When we get the spinned article, we will did the reverse replace. We will replace the unique code with the original word. “#1#” will be replaced with Germany.

This is a technology which is used for html tags and images. More information can be found here.

 put the mapping table here for the examples

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