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PRIV Y53 Remove Duplicate Posts

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Remove Duplicate Posts

Trello Regular Task Ecoblogs Duplicate Posts

Regular Check:

  • Go to Syndication tools under Promote author tools menu
  • Do this for all blogs one by one
  • Choose action “Remove duplicated posts”
  • Wait and perform the same action again. See if the duplicated posts are really deleted.
  • Do the same for all blogs.

Choose Method
Choose Method

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  • Other params stay as default: Category – All, Author – All, Post type – Posts
  • Date start: this month, Date end: empty
  • Wait for preview, it will take a while, then click “Execute for all”


Blogs for Testing:

Other Params
Other Params

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Similar to other syndication tools, we want to choose the category, author…
We have to improve the matching criteria.

  • Same Title
  • Publication Date equal +/- 2 days

There was a post by Doug Short that had a duplicated title but the difference was 30 days.

We created a new function and it can be viewed on Syndication. More about the function in screens.


Now our plugin does not have such a performance issues and works fine.

Change Duplicate Data


Result after run the Remove Duplicated Posts Function.



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