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PRIV R33 Chapters, Sections, KeyWords

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Video and Pics

Chapter vs. Section


SNBCHF: No difference

No Difference between Chapter and Section

SNBCHF: usually only chapters. We may also call them sections, because there is no difference. We use H3.

On doc site

Chapter = H2 Underscore

Section = H4

Chapter (Section) Titles

Use H3 for Chapter Titles,

H4 inside tiny tables

In the example screen the author used bold.
We replace it with H3 bold.

Chapters are used in normal text or in tiny tables

Chapters are on LEFT side of tiny tables

Change font to Chapter Title

. - Click to enlarge

Media Title into Chapter Title

Use Title as Chapter name when chapter name is empty and author speaks about it

Each row of the tiny table is a chapter that gets a H4 font.
If there is a no chapter name then you can use the alt text from the image.

Please do this only when he really speaks about it.

Title as Chapter name

- Click to enlarge

Tiny Table Enhance

Tiny Table Enhance Left Side Media Library Description

Problem: Tiny Table Enhance Left Side Media Library Description
R3x Tiny Table Enhance Left Side Media Library Description

- Click to enlarge

Same Row: Media Title and Text on left side

Trello link

Keywords do not match on left and right side.


Here the text is also a Chapter Title.

Daily posts

There is a general problem.

Text and Image are not in sync.

I have found 3 posts there are more in the gold feed
3 times longer text.

They usually can solve this when they find the words from the media text, on the left side.

Please look on the original page, this happens because they remove one image with publicity from orig feed page.

Team must Find Media Text inside left side

. - Click to enlarge


also on R35

Team must find keywords on left side, which are in media title or in the image

Use pattern matching, find words on left side and right side.

Make the keywords bold.


Tiny Table Keywords Regular Checks Confluence
R33 Tiny Table Keywords Regular Checks Confluence

- Click to enlarge

Cannot find keywords

Left side must be in sync with right side.

Cannot find keywords, do not use chapter title

Do not use the media title as chapter title.


(December 22, 2016)



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