PRIV P58 Sahifa for Pictured Categories

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Page no: P58


1) We have to move the Category picture from Sahifa’ s functionality to our new functionality under PromoteAuthor Settings

Pic Cat plugin: Adding Cat Pic to PromoteAuthor Settingsset category

Pic Cat plugin: Adding Cat Pic to PromoteAuthor Settings

2) Then we must delete all the Sahifa’s page blocks under Index page

delete page builder

Sahifa: Deleting Page Builder’s boxes

3) The next step is to change the Page template to “Homepage template”

set homepage

Changing the homepage template

4) Then we must fill the page with all the widgets, according to the Menu order

set homepage widget

Filling the HomePage widget area

5) Adding the same widgets, but in reverse order into Primary Widget Area which is the Sidebar

set primary widget

Setting up the sidebar widgets

Sahifa Pictured Category

Category Picture small on Bawerk


IPad Small Cat Picture
G73 IPad Small Cat Picture

- Click to enlarge

Category Picture big on George Dorgan on SNB (older)


IPad2 Huge Category Pic
G73 IPad2 Huge Category Pic

- Click to enlarge



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