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Only 9 out of 37 did succeed
After week 6
Minutes: 48
Contradicting Feedback
Min: 51
Throw your product away

Min: 53

Gobbet, Incorporate your company
Your pitch will change quickly
Nobody will copy the idea, all about execution
Min: 1:02:30




Texts Area Recommendation
Ari Veltman Sales
Jan Fülscher
Thomas Ackermann Biologist, IT Customer Validation
Ingeborg Gasser-Kreis
Sakis Ladopoulos
Ezter Tanczos Olver Hungary, Medicine, Tech
Freddy Atangana Beauty Care at fixed (cheap) price How find co-founder, Team
Matthew Brand Home-made food Failed once
Julia Devecchi Vitamin Cookies for Vegans
Cassiano Gobbet Journalist,
Context, Identity Fake News
searched 2 co-founders
My team

Rudolf Biczok

Developer in an insurance
wants to develop an app for diabetes treatment

Arushi Jain

Researcher in medicine/pharma, wants to create a research collective
New Members
Cuno Pfister
Yorick Tranecker
Colin Wirz
Anca Edel Rio
Priyanka Dutta
Stepahny R
Theoroda Skoura




  Date Launch Track Growth Track
Vision April 07
  1. Ideation – Catalogue the ideas
  2. Interview potential customers
  3. Market Research as for competition
  1. Customer Interviews
  2. Identify Unknowns
  3. Visioneering

Customer Development

April 14

  1. Customer Interviews
  2. Customer Archetype
  3. Landing Pages
  1. Customer Archetype /Target Customer
  2. Revenue Interviews
  3. Interview Competitor Customers
Revenue April 21
  1. Customer Problem: Choose model with highest revenue
  2. Different revenue models
  3. Pitch Desk: based on feedback on hotseat pitches
  1. Expert Interviews
  2. Key Performance Indicators
  3. Product Development
Branding Design April 28
  1. Competitor Branding
  2. Name Brainstorming
  3. Name Research
  1. Branding Expert
  2. Close Sales and track time
  3. Idea Review Pitch Deck
Launching your company Just oversight
Do not have work on the details
Do what I like
Work where I want to work
Do my old Job Work on all the details
Forced to work in an office
Do what my boss tells me to do
(might have more time, though)

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