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PRIV O45 Sections/Chapters

Page no: O45
Object Attribute (optional)
Action (optional)
Sections Sections
  • Attribute: Names
  • Attribute: Name of Rows
Chapters Chapters
  • Attribute: Introduction
  • Attribute: Chapters in Doc Page
Pages Internet Pages
  • Attribute: chapters of original page

  • Action: Copy from Internet





Video and Pics 


Overview of Page Layout and Headings

Short summary:

1. Chapters H2

for Chapters we use H2 and underscore.

2. Sections H4

we use H4 bold

We use keywords for Chapters and Sections.

3. from copied pages H5

4. Paragraph bold

Pages for plugin or other design, concept haves the following bold text (usually no section any more):

  • Requirements and problems (author usually George)
  • Reason
  • Solution (see details on Problem/Solution page)
  • Improvements/Bug Fixes


Overview of Page Layout and Headings

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Video name: Section, Chapters and Name of Rows

(No Trello Link)


  • For each section or chapters, we need a meaningful title.

  • Choose if it is a row or a chapter based on its content and keywords.

For example as on O73

  • Here, chapter name is “Blog Email Address”. (It is in H2, bold and underline).
  • If there is only one email address –> No chapter was required. ( Only use row ).
  • But there are more than one email address –> Group them into  one chapter i.e “Blog Email Address”.
  • It has number of section, namely “Blog Admin Email” and “Plugin Email”.


Trello Summary: Empty

For Chapter we use H2, bold and underline.

Each page for plugin or other design, concept has the following sections:

  • Requirements / Introduction (author usually George)
  • solution (author usually Niki)
  • Feedback (George)
  • problems/Bugs (both)
  • Improvements/Bug Fixes (Niki)


Regular Tasks look a bit different, they have the following sections:

  • Regular Task
  • problems
  • Improvements


In rarer cases we create sections for key words. But usually the keywords are the page names.


George tells you the sections (or chapters) when he creates new videos or cards.

For old pages, he will also writes inside the pages what is which section.

Who does it?

George and Anurag write sections and chapters.

Old Rule for when many months have passed.
New Video do not go to the top anymore (date descending), because we do not want to see old screens of months ago.


Duplicated Chapter

Trello link

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How to use Chapters on Doc Pages

Video Name: Chapters on Doc Pages

Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary: Empty

Video about example of a chapter.

Copied Pages from Internet


Chapters from Original page

We often copy pages from the internet into one single chapter.

We usually use H5 inside this chapter.

George may add section with H4 or

change H5 into H4 (section).

Chapters from Original page
O40 Chapters from Original page

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About this page, Cleanup

Video Name: Chapter Section, Rows About Page

Video trello link

Trello Summary:

  • A new chapter “About this page: Cleanup” has been introduced.
  • It goes on every doc pages.
  • It contains the cleanup information of about the page.


About Page Always on Bottom

About Page Always on Bottom
About Page Always on Bottom

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