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What we do?

We are specialized in content-based SEO optimization using internal tools for automatically and self-driven blogs, which can generate backlinks to the sales pages of a company website, which increases SEO of the sales pages and deliver traffic.


What are the current issues?

As we know so far you have a few articles per week which are republished/syndicated on different websites such as Forbes, Gold-Eagle, Keith Weiner, Economics, Seeking Alpha, Kitco, SNBCHF, 24gold, Talkmarkets, Twitter, Mises, SafehavenInvesting.com, Silverseek, Cobdencenter, Goldseek, European Economic Blogs, Gold Standard Institute, PRNewswire (implicitly Yahoo).

The biggest issue there is that they are using your content, attracting visitors and you do not have enough visibility and traffic to the sales pages.

The second issue that the content you provide is valuable, but currently with less lifespan. The content is dead after some time. No one is reading it anymore despite of its quality.


What can be achieved?

Using our tools, automated bots, and know-how, we can solve the problems we have identified with your content.

This will lead in a natural way to:

  • increase the SEO of your sales pages
  • Generate high-value traffic for free
  • It will get better and better with time
  • Can be used forever, not like standard SEO which is paid monthly.
  • Give a new life of your content
  • Fully automated without manual effort

How can be achieved?

It can be achieved easily using our tools. We will create a fully automated system that will do all of the jobs for you.

It will gather all the information across reliable sources based on keywords and topics. It will automatically divide them into different categories and tags. In the end, we will have one website, which will combine all valued articles from the day filtered and sorted by topics.

The aim of this will be to attract visitors to read the articles. All these visitors will be potential clients thanks to very specific topics that will be on the website. The second point will be that this website will be a ‘satellite’ website to the Monetary Metals’ site. All articles and intros will link to different sales pages based on different keywords. In a natural way, the Monetary Metals will start to grow up in Google due to the backlinks which will get during the time.

In addition, all articles will be republished on all social networks. Having old good content, means that we can republish in the new blog and then repost to all social networks. This way the content which is already written can be reused.


Why we are better?

  • As opposed to existing links, we are able to generate backlinks every day and for all including old content, fully automatically – without manual effort, i.e. writing new articles.
  • Links from other websites above can be combined.
  • We can decide about which subject we are accepting content. We accept other authors with high-quality content, which is ordered according to our “taxonomy” (tags and categories).
  • We can put banners etc.
  • We can automate the backlinks to the sales pages (where we send the visitors).


Why this way?

The keywords which are trying to achieve good positions in Google are very expensive and competitive. This means that the only way to achieve it is to have a huge amount of backlinks. For example, the paid advertising in Google AdWords for “Gold Bonds” is $17 per click.

If you hire a standard SEO company, you will pay a fortune because the links are very expensive.

will help here or if there is any method it will cost a fortune. I attached some reports for some of your keywords.

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