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Evaluation if twitter feed is an option

Yes, twitter feed is an option. We can do it using Twitter API.

Link to Tweet data dictionaries

Alternative Economics

Alternative Economics uses the plugin super rss reader to implement the needed feed functionality. We use the core plugin with some other functionality. We create a custom page template. We add one new widget area in which we use the plugiin.

Alternative Economics
Alternative Economics

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How does alternative economic work?



Super RSS Reader

Their way

They use the core twitter api for their feed. They have one twitter account which follow important users. After that using the account twitter feed and the api, they make a connection between the site and twitter and get the account feed. After that they parse the content in beauty design. Probably they store the content in cache and refresh their cache on every min. I can’t tell you the exact time, but they are caching the results. If they don’t, the whole page will be slow. The api return the information with delay and this will costs 1 or 2 sec. more time than normal page.


Twitter API

We can parse all information we need from twitter. We can parse from tag or from user. We can also parse only twitter posts, without replies. We can parse only favorite tweets. Or only from some people.

Cityfalcon is a different application that uses Twitter API. They must pay a fee to twitter.

References: Twitter API


Implementing it into a feedsite

The integration process is not difficult. We can integrated easily into wordpress. The cache plugin will be a little difficult for creating. We will use a temporary table in which we will store the content. We also have to create a cron with which we will get the new content. Probably every one or 5 mins. We will need another cron with which we will delete the oldest content. Probably after 1000 rows. We will run once a day  or once a week late in the night. We can use the same design as the current.



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