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M87 Video Conversion

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Page no: M87


Object Attribute (optional)
Action (optional)
Video Size Video Size Attribute: Video size


Action: Use Webm
Video Conversion Video Conversion  Attribute: Miro Video Converter Converted with Miro only ten percent


Video and Pics

Video Size and Conversion

Video Conversion Use Webm

Video Link to Trello

Video explains that Vimeo supports WEBM format of videos and we should not convert videos before uploading. And also the quality is good.

We do not convert videos any more.

Create WebM videos directly.



Video Size Comparison

CSS Class for this table called “snbresults”


For 1min Video WebM in IceCream Direct MP4
in IceCream
Direct MP4
Medium Quality
Convert WebM
into MP4
FilieSize relatively small High High High
Quality High Medium High
Size of video 7.09 MB 6.71 MB 1.3 MB
Frame Width 1908×871 1908×871 1908×871
Manual Effort / Time No No Yes / 15 sec



Why does Miro Converter create far smaller files, but does not lose quality?


It is called compression of video file. It just compress it just like zip/rar. It uses x256 video codec. There is the same alternative for images.

Does Miro the same as Handbreak?

Yes, exactly.

Tested files


Tool: Miro Video Converter

Which size compared to original?

It is about 50% smaller size than the original WebM.

Converted with Miro only ten percent

Converted Mè4 videos are taking only 10% of the original video.

Converted with Miro only ten percent
Converted with Miro only ten percent

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Media Size When Converted
Media Size When Converted

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Original Not Compressed Videos

Put compressed folders as subfolders of the video folders


We can have problems with the folder structure that is different in:

  • Original Webm folder
  • Compressed MP4 folder

There we move the compressed folder as subfolders.


We can also think about deleting the Compressed folders, once they are uploaded to Vimeo. I suggest that we don’t delete them. Maybe can change to another provider later, other than Vimeo.


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