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Negative Rates

0) Negative rates, add to title and URL, Add Category/Tag

We have a feed with tags “negative rates”. I changed so that each feed has its sub-category under negative rates.

We like Negative Rates in the URL and in the title

  • Search “negative”,”rates” or “NIRP” (negative interest rates policy) in the text
  • If not missing: Add “Negative Rates:” to beginning of title and to URL
  • Change primary Category to “Negative Rates”
  • Example Old title “Jim Bianco Warns The Risk Of An ‘Accident’ Is Very High” new title: “Negative Rates: Risk Of An ‘Accident’ Is Very High”
  • Add tag “negative interest rates”
  • Add the second category “Negative Rates”



Not  doing any more






1) Posts about Europe put into category Europe and Eurocrisis

This is for posts with focus Europe. We like Europe posts.

So when the title or excerpt is about Germany or Italy or …. then change category

2) Helicopter Money, search on snbchf

Search for word “helicopter money” on recent posts in the WordPress back-en
If you find new posts

  • Change category to Monetary Policy —> Helicopter Money
  • Exception: Do not move from Category “Negative rates” or from SNB.
  • But change  for example from old category “Debt and Paper Money”

Search for helicopter money in Wordpress Backend


Video: Helicopter Money

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(Oct 25, 2016)



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