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PRIV Pr86 Geotracking

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When we are in holidays, we would like that all photos are tagged with date and the geo tag.

Part 1: Google Photos

Date on Google Photos
Photo Taken Date

Google finds the date, when the photo is taken
For that it uses the uploaded file, no matter if

  • the photo is taken with an older camera (provided that you have the correct
    date on your camera…, to be verified)
  • the photo is taken with a newer camera
  • or with a smartphone or table
Windows usually has problems to show to correct date

  • creation date, which is the date when you
    first upload the file from the camera to your Windows system
  • modification date, which is the date when you modified the picture
    on the Windows system
  • Photo taken date is not stored on Windows.

Geo Tag on Google Photos

Start Google Photos on your notebook or your device (smart phone or tablet)
How obtain the geo tag:

Login into the same account on your device as on your Google Photos account, if you use your computer.

Only the device is able to do geo-tagging. It has GPS.


If you are keen on your privacy, you would not like Google to geo-tag you all the time.
For activities that Google should not track (e.g. your normal life), you should register dummy accounts only valid for this device.

But you would employ your “main” Google account only for your holidays; the moment
when you are taking the photos that need geo-tagging. Remember that this “main” may also be a dummy that does not reflect
your real identity.

Enable Location Services on your device

Upload the photos from the camera to Google Photos

  • Either with an automatic sync of camera and device. Many camera producers have such software integrated now.
  • or with manual upload via Wifi or a connection cable.

The geo tag is taken from the device that is running at the same time.

Geo Coordinates from Android



How to geolocate Images using a GPX File with GeoSetter


In order to geolocate images using a GPX file with GeoSetter.

1. Open GeoSetter.
2. On the menu bar click Images > Open Folder and browse for the folder containing the images.
3. On the menu bar click View > Tracks. The tracks window opens at the bottom right of the main window.
4. On the Tracks window, click on the icon Open track file(s).

8. On the top left window, select all the images.
9. On the menu bar select Images > Synchronize with GPS Data Files….
10. On the Synchronize with GPS Data Files window, on the Time Adjustment section, select Use Track Point From Map.
11. On the Synchronize with GPS Data Files window, on the Time Adjustment section, select the image that corresponds to the selected track.
12. Click Ok.
13. Verify the geotagging results by paging through the images and looking at the highlighted location.
14. (Optional) Repeat step 7 to 13 if it is necessary to refine the geotagging.
15. On the menu bar click Images > Save Changes to save the geolocation into the image EXIF data.












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