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W74 Tiny Table Problems

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Tiny Table Problems




Handling Issues

TinyTable Row From one Page to Another

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Trello Summary: Empty

Currently I cannot move a whole row from a tiny table to a different page

  • I am able to copy, paste a row from one page, (tiny table) to another page (tiny table)
  • Document the problem
  • find the new page according new page rules
  • correctly select the rows in the visual edit
  • so that HTML tags are closed



HTML Move table rows to different page

Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary: Empty

I want to copy, paste a row from one page, (tiny table) to another page (tiny table)




I must move the text, the video, the images separately
problem with this: More work, I lose the dot in the caption.Expected: Show me how to do move Table Row to a different page in a better way.We move the content from old one to the new one.Option 1: to take the row from html;Option 2: with copy paste from one page to the other page.


Option1: Copy Past table rows as HTML



Due to conflict with image elevator, there are only two ways of copy/moving rows.
1) Via to source code – copy and paste
2) Or you can copy the content from one page to another.


NOT a problem

We did not find plugin, which can do that work. I search for some plugin in internet. I also try to create such a plugin. But I did not find a way to do it. Any of the similar plugins does not work.

Layout Issues

TinyTable Broken

There was a problem on Ecoblogs.ch with our tiny table on tables, due to not well formatted css for mobile devices.


We implement a new css rules only for tablets on ecoblogs.ch and now everything is working fine on all size tablets.
We also tested from mobile phones and everything is fine.

CSS Rule



G74 Tiny Table Broken Ecoblogs Solution

Table Width and Image Sizes

When I change table width, the image sizes get smaller automatically on it.snbchf, but not on snbchf.

This is because we have a min-width property on the snbchf.com and on it.snbchf we do not have such a property. We can remove it on snbchf.com if you want.


Why do we have min-width on snbchf?

Yes we need it quickly adjust tiny table without modifying the graph sizes.

It was a requirement from the past when we adjust tinytable. It was a problem on mobile devices with the graphs probably. Now this problem is not valid anymore.



Text on Mobile

Trello link

Tiny Table Text is right-Aligned

Must be Left Aligned

Fixed with css. We tested from mobile phones and everything is fine.

Text on Mobile
Text on Mobile




no spaces before endings


Bad Layout Doc Site
Bad Layout Doc Site

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Bad Layout – No Space

Tiny MCE does not allow for spacing.


The Bad Layout has no space
The Bad Layout has no space




Idea 1

We can use a shortcode something like Paragraph does in Word. See attachment. So it can be less than one line.

Idea 2

So that content is equally distributed in the table cell vertically
Not horizontal (from left to right it should remain left aligned)


The Good Layout contains space between the bullet points.
The Good Layout contains space between the bullet points.



We fixed the problem using css.

.grid_1, .grid_2, .grid_3, .grid_4, .grid_5, .grid_6, .grid_7, .grid_8, .grid_9, .grid_10, .grid_11, .grid_12, .grid_13, .grid_14, .grid_15, .grid_16 {

display: inline;
float: left;
position: relative;
margin-left: 10px;
margin-right: 10px;


margin-left and margin-right is the added space.

Tiny Table Cell Properties does not have an effect.

I want to limit the table width of the left column to 220 pixels and have a wide graph.
This is possible only in the graphical editor (see pic).

But the output page does not show any change.
Apparently the HTML widens again when the text is wider.

Affected pages are many, the worst:

  • https://snbchf.com/austrian/household-savings-rate/

Tiny Table Cell Properties
G73 Tiny Table Cell Properties

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The problem was caused by TinyTable plugin and one css conflict. Now the problem is gone.

TinyTable Graph Width
G73 TinyTable Graph Width

. - Click to enlarge

Tiny Table problems on SNBCHF and Ecoblogs

Tiny Tables must work on snbchf import on ecoblogs and centralbanks


The problem was caused by Sahifa’s css for the tables and the tinytable css for the tables. The Sahifa’s one overwrites our. So we had to improve our and to overwrite the sahifa’s one.

Now the new version of TinyTables is distributed on all of the blogs.

Tiny Table problem on SNBCHF and Ecoblogs
G73 Tiny Table problem on SNBCHF and Ecoblogs

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TinyTable inside FeedWP

  • We need youtube videos as tinytable into Frontend and Backend
  • Only for input type = Video
  • GUI per feed for seperators indicating with which text the publicity
  • Split into two rows: Content and Publicity
  • ——— can convert into new row
  • Text alignment not OK
  • Compare Youtube text against our text


Text Publicity
Text Publicity

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Done changing the plugin so we can parse and build tinytable as we create the post

Tinytable as we Create the Post
Tinytable as we Create the Post

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Line Break Issues

Width too small 


Fixed. It was a very long word without space, which breaks the table.

Words gets split into two parts when new line starts

you should only split long words into two parts, but not all words

Missing Line Breaks inside Video Text column

Please pay attention to previous bug with very long word

Columns in video overview page

cannot order properly by posts

Interference of different plugin

Additional fields e.g. Channel/Publisher, Featured Image,


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