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G129 5. Product Roadmap

George Morgan
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5. Best of Product Roadmap

 2019-02-11: by Jonathan Greechan


This guide includes some of the best talks from around the world on product roadmap. The guide is a work in progress and will be improved over time.

Vision | Research | Naming | Hiring | Roadmap | Revenues | Legal and IP | Outsourcing | Marketing | Presentation | Funding

Gabe Zichermann of Gamification.Co

SVFI January 12 Product & Service Development: Zichermann by Founder Institute on Scribd

Phil Libin of Evernote

Aaron Patzer of Mint.com

Adeo Ressi of the Institute

BNFI – Product Developemnt – Adeo Ressi by Founder Institute on Scribd

Eric Ries of The Lean Startup

SVFI August 2: Product & Service Development: Eric Ries by Founder Institute on Scribd


SFFI April 26 Product Development Ries from Video4 on Vimeo.


 Jeff Bonforte of Xobni

SVFI August 16th ‘Product Development’: Jeff Bonforte from Founder Institute on Vimeo.

SVFI Aug 16 Product Development: Bonforte by Founder Institute on Scribd


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