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Author and his videos

The first question, we need to solve, is which videos to publish.
Therefore we have to think about

  • Does the author have channel
  • Do we videos only of the channel or other videos: author-search-based
  • Do we want both, channel and author-search

Based on this information, we choose a role for this author.


Youtube Loader GUI



Plugin Enhancements


  • We update the plugin with these functionalities:
  • map youtube category with our category
  • map youtube channel name with our authors (or create a new one)
  • new option to search by tag and all videos are added based on the tags
  • multiselect and multi-add videos -> you search once and then you can click on many videos you want and add them
  • introduce a option not to map a youtube category or author and set them manually (but for whole search only)



GUI Functions

Channel ID: Can search using channel ID

Search Query: Can search in whole Youtube database based on category, search term, channel name and everything else

Search by tags: Simple searching based on tags

Limit Results: Shows how much results to be shown on a page

What Search: Can define what to be searched such as Channels, Playlists, Videos or all.

Show Results on page: Function which can show the results from videos to the page


Youtube loader demo

Feed creation


Author Attribution

  • According to Youtube rules, we must give the author name
  • Write feed name and real author of a video (not the About Author)
  • https://snbchf.com/video/faber-marc-faber-dont-blame-rich-asset-price-inflation/
  • This is only for About videos
  • Full Story here sometimes not showing
  • Example would be our snippet (on right side or on the bottom)
  • “Thanks to “
  • No biography needed, just name and avatar (only what u get)

Youtube Terms

  • “Are you the author”
  • We need the Youtube Terms separately
  • We must state the rules
  • Youtube Rules apply