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Most competitors are based on feeds from Twitter, some pure RSS.


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These are the 10 of the most popular tools available.

1. Scoop.it

Scoop.it is a content discovery tool that automatically provides streams of content from places like Twitter and Google based on your target keywords. If you find additional sources that Scoop.it doesn’t recognise, you can also add them to the system.

2. Storify

Storify collects content from across the web and publishes it where you choose. Storify has both a free and VIP option. The VIP version provides a greater level of customisation, such as real time updates, custom display settings, analytics, search engine optimisation, and PDF exports for offline distribution.

3. Curata

Curata is designed specifically for large scale corporations that have a lot of content to curate. The system allows you to discover sources, refine your content flow and optimise your content for maximum effectiveness.

4. Trap.it

One of the primary benefits of using Trap.it is that it will get smarter when you use it. This means that the more content you find through the system, the more it will learn what you’re looking for. Unlike most other tools, all of the 100,000 sources have been personally vetted to ensure they are top quality resources.

5. Postplanner

Postplanner provides free access to its system; however, they also have a premium paid version which provides better tools. Postplanner is Facebook specific and runs as an app, which makes it ideal if Facebook followers are your primary target.

6. Paper.li

Paper.li publishes in excess of two million articles per day. Rather than simply sharing content, Paper.li focuses on helping you build a community. The system allows you to send newsletters to your audience, monitor your competitors, and of course, find and publish content.

7. Kurasie

Kurasie is an all-in-one content curation engine. Kurasie is our own content curation tool, specifically built to help businesses of all sizes curate content. It allows you to connect all of your social media channels and news feeds through one platform, schedule publication dates of content, and assess analytics. It is also compatible with mobile and tablet devices so you can curate on the move.

8. Bundlepost

Bundlepost is focused on social media. The tool aggregates and schedules posts on social networking websites and automatically adds specific formatting, such as hashtags, in order to maximise results.

9. ContentGems

ContentGems monitors 200,000 RSS feeds, blogs and social networks. There are two options available; freemium and premium. The system is constantly scanning the Internet, giving it thorough real time results.

10. Zite App

Zite App is a mobile-only content discovery tool, soon to be integrated with Flipboard. It will find the most popular content based on your keywords, which allows you to discover“hot topics” within your industry. Zite App is most effective as an additional piece of software, rather than your primary content discovery tool.

Just remember, while software can help you, there’s no replacement for the human eye. You should always thoroughly assess every piece of content prior to publishing to ensure it will provide your readers with top quality information.


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