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A12 Create Author

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A12 Create authors: Attributes Needed



Attributes for Authors

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Website
  • Role: Subscriber
  • Email: Fill if we find it

New user

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Slug, User Name

At first we would change the slug for the author that comes with the feed.

The slug must correspond to [first name – last name] or for companies



Must Attributes

For each author you must enter

For Authors:

  1. Author Picture (find a picture on CV or Wikipedia entry)
  2. User Name First name.last name  –> Example is wrong
  3. username/login based on name/first name not blog name:
    Example: Scott Sumner then login should be scott.s or something
  4. Twitter
  5. Real Email, if possible
  6. Role: Contributor
  7. Bio must be filled
  8. MySite: URL of his blog
  9. Books Loaded


Needed Data for Author and About Box



Nice to have attributes

Use only when you find it quickly


  1. Facebook: Link to Facebook account
  2. Google: Link to Google account (if you find it)
  3. Seeking Alpha: Link to Seeking Alpha account (search name + “Seeking Alpha”)
  4. Amazon: Link to author’s Amazon page (search name + “Amazon”)
  5. LinkedIn: Link to author’s LinkedIn page (search name + “LinkedIn”)

Author  Feeds

For the setup of each author you should do:

  1. Control link and RSS Feed for each blog, please follow the procedure here 
  2. Create a post category for each blog (see more in syndication plugin).
    Create one or more author for each blog  (syndication blogs have multiple authors)
  3. Verify if we put the author on the homepage

Author Login

Currently we have a new role, which will be assigned to authors which we will create them profiles. It is called Author Login

Their current capabilities are:

  1. Edit Profile
  2. Add Posts, Videos, Audios
  3. Edit only own Posts, Videos, Audios
  4. Upload files
  5. Review comments on thier Posts, Videos, Audios

User logins

User Login Url is https://snbchf.com/wp-login/

For blogs is the same.


Demo user

User: MarkChandler

Password: stamen’s email

Currently we have IP protection on the websites.

Solution 1:

We disable the protection, so can everyone access our website.

In this case we need to change all passwords with stronger and disable login function for all current users, which are not part of the team.


Solution 2:

Create a full profile inside SNBCHF, so they don’t have access to wp-admin.

There is a plugin which can be used. Link here

Estimation: 2-3 days

Email text for sending password and username to authors

Your request for creating a profile on SNBCHF Network is granted.

You can access your existing content on https://snbchf.com/wp-login/
Username: xxxx
Password: xxxx

Please, change your email and password as soon as you log in to our platform.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,




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