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G120 Customer Archetype

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Customer Archetype

 2018-09-25: by Dorian Vought


A guide to help enrolled Founders with their initial Customer Archetype definition.


The customer archetype should start out with a basic overview of the individual. It should include a name, demographics and a description of their mindset. Include hypothetical photos, if possible.

Sample I

‘People who want to buy cool T-shirts’ is not a Customer Archetype.

A sample archetype would be ‘the customers for our cool T-shirts’ are:

  • rebellious teenage boys
  • who listen to heavy metal
  • who play first-person shooter games
  • who live in middle-class households
  • who live in towns in the US mid-West
  • who works part-time at McDonald’s
  • whose mothers buy their clothes for them at Walmart
  • who want to wear T-shirts that nobody else in their school has
  • who want to wear T-shirts that will upset their parents

Sample II

Hi there. I’m George (or 28% of the time, Mary!).  Let me introduce myself. I am 34 years young, and I’m married, with a child planned for the very near future. I currently work full time at a company with less than 150 employees, and I have been working here for more than 2 ½ years. At this company, I am a mid to upper-level manager, and I make about $75,000 per year. I am generally satisfied with my salary, but money isn’t the most important thing.

Namely, I am unsatisfied with the mission, direction, and top-level management at my company, and unfortunately, there’s not much I can do about that. I don’t think my work makes a difference, and my opinion is not valued as much as it should be. I crave excitement and making an impact in the world, and this job is giving me neither.

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