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Acemaxx Analytics


Original Archive: Acemaxx-Analytics

RSS: http://acemaxx-analytics-dispinar.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

27.Jun.2018  30/30 start of post
 no tags 3/3  4 Single /author/acemaxx-analytics
  1. Missing Featured images
  2. Image not loaded – Acemaxx
  1. RSSGrabber fix.
  2. We can’t load all image from this feed
Bankiervereinigung Schweiz


Original Archive: Blog — Schweizerische Bankiervereinigung

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=https://feeds.feedburner.com/swissbanking/Blog

10.Jun.2018  20/20 excerpt exist but not taken 1/1 Multi —-
  1. Missing Featured images
  1. RSSGrabber fix.
Batz urs Birchler


Original Archive: Batz

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=www.batz.ch/feed/

18.Jun.2018  10/10 4/4 Multi /author/urs-birchler  No missing pictures
Die Zurcherin


Original Archive: Die Zurcherin

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=zuercherin.com/feed/

13.Jun.2018  30/30 3/2 Multi
  1. Images not loaded
  1. We can’t load all image from this feed
Dirk Niepelt


Original Archive: Dirk Niepelt

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=www.niepelt.ch/feed/

10.Jun.2018 10/10 2/2 Single /author/dirk-niepelt
  1. Missing images inside posts
  2. Image not loaded – Niepelt – Currency Interventions
  3. Missing images inside post – Niepelt – Currency Interventions
  1.  Can’t fix this problem
Epoch Times



Original Archive: http://www.epochtimes.de/wirtschaft

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=https://www.epochtimes.de/wirtschaft/rss

Feed not work


Original Archive: Fintool

RSS: Manually adding videos from Fintool.

14.Jun.2018  30/30 Load manually Single  /author/erwin-heri
  1. Serial number: at the end of posts
  1. Different for every post. Can’t be removed.
Fondstrends CH


Original Archive: Fondstrends

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=www.fondstrends.ch/nc/rss.xml

27.Jun.2018  30/30 16/16  5 Multi
  1. missing pictures
  1. We can’t fix the bug. The feed gives us an empty src.
Inside Paradeplatz


Original Archive: Inside Paradeplatz

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=insideparadeplatz.ch/feed/

We remove this category.

Remove this category 30/30 Multi /author/lukas-haessig
  1. Partial content
  2. Missing video
  3. Remove authors from Menu and homepage Swiss (We should remove them from the homepage for now.)
  1. Complain
  2. Restricted by the owners
  3. Markus Dittli, Hermann Stern, Michael Bischof, Klaus Stoelker, Marc Meyer
Markus Dittli
Hermann Stern
Michael Bischof
Klaus Stoelker
le News


Original Archive: le News

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=https://lenews.ch/category/news-features/business-economy/feed/

25.Jun.2018  10/30 5/14 Multi /author/le-news
  1. A lot of missing pictures in this blog,
  2. Badly formatted beginnings of the posts
  3. problem with special symbols in images leads to broken images
  4. Missing posts
  1. Fixed partly with RSSGrabber, the rest hot linking protection
  2. Beginning of the posts are formatted well now
  3. Fixed with FeedWordpress Filters
  4. I can’t find missing post. I don’t know when Atila is tested
Liberales Institut


Original Archive: Liberal Institut

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://www.libinst.ch/rss/?i=news__–de__

Liliane Held-Khawam Mania


Original Archive: Le blog de Liliane Held-Khawam

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=https://lilianeheldkhawam.wordpress.com/feed/

27.Jun.2018  30/30 3/3 15+ 4++9




Single /author/liliane-heldkhawam
  1. French accents
  2. Missing pics and featured images
  3. Image not loaded – HeldKhawam
  1. Corrected
  2. RSSGrabber fix.
  3. We can’t load all images
Never mind the markets


Original Archive: Never Mind the Markets

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=blog.tagesanzeiger.ch/nevermindthemarkets/index.php/feed/

We remove this category from widgets.

24.Jun.2018 30/30 2/2 65 +20 Multi
  1. Missing Footnotes
  2. How many Characters do u show?
  3. Missing pics and featured images
  4. We do not show his category on homepage
  5. Half of content (automatically count and take half of the chars)
  1. Some new posts are also missing footnotes
  2. Show only the first 50% of the whole post.
  3. We can’t take all images.
  4. Blog Restrict
  5. Blog Restrict


Original Archive: Ökonomenstimme

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=www.oekonomenstimme.org/artikel/abo/

27.Jun.2018  30/30 1/2 Multi
Perspectives Pictet


Original Archive: Perspectives Pictet



24.Jun.2018  30/30 13/13  23 Multi /author/perspectives-pictet
  1. Read full report at the every post.
  2. Badly adjusted pictures
  3. Remove author pic in beginning of post
  4. Featured Image not set
  5. Missing pics and featured images
  6. Extra content on some posts
  7. Missing video content from posts – Pictet – Complacency
  8. Missing PDFs.
  1. RSS Grabber Fix
  2. CSS Fixed
  3. RSS Grabber Fix
  4. RSSGrabber fix. Works now for new posts
  5. RSS Grabber Fix
  6. RSS Grabber Fix
  7. RSS Grabber Fix
  8. RSS Grabber Fix
Political Videos


Original Archive:


PROMETHEUS Das Freiheitsinstitut


Original Archive:Prometheus – Das Freiheitsinstitut 27.Jun.2018  28/30 6/6
  1. Missing pics and featured images
  2. Wrong order, must go up
  3. Missing feature image –  Schäffler
  1. RSS Grabber Fix
  2. DONE
  3. RSS Grabber Fix


Original Archive: SNB & CHF Central Bank Watch

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=https://snbchf.com/feed/

27.Jun.2018  30/30  45/45 Multi
  1. Badly adjusted text to pics
  2. snippet box CSS bug
  3. Missing pics and featured images
  4. problem with table Link 1
  1. CSS Fixed for text
  2. RSSGrabber & CSS fixed
  3. RSS Grabber Fix
  4. Fixed with CSS
SNB News


Original Archvie: Swiss National Bank

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://www.snb.ch/selector/en/mmr/news/rss

27.Jun.2018  21/30  3/3 Multi
  1. unable to retrieve full text content:
  2. Missing PDF
  3. Missing Audio
  4. problem with the excerpt – Swiss National Bank – Exchange Rates
  1. Fixed RSSGrabber
  2. All new post contains the PDF’s.
  3. RSSGrabber fix. All new post contains the Audio.
Swiss Statistics


Original Archive: Swiss Statistics

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=https://www.bfs.admin.ch/bfs/de/home/aktuell/medienmitteilungen/ _jcr_content/par/ws_catalog.rss.xml

20.Jun.2018  30/30  6/8 Multi
  1. unable to retrieve full text comment
  2. Missing PDF
  1. RSSGrabber fix. All new post contains the PDF’s.
  2. RSSGrabber fix. All new post contains the PDF’s.
Up!schweiz/upschweiz Original Archive: https://up-schweiz.ch/aktuell/news/

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=https://up-schweiz.ch/feed/

22.Jun.2018  5/5 Multi
  1. The header with tags, post date, author must be removed

  1.  RSSGrabber fix. Removed for all new post
Christliche Freiheit


Original Archive: http://christliche-freiheit.ch/

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://christliche-freiheit.ch/rss.xml


Not have new post

Credit Suisse


Original Archive: The Financialist

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=https://www.credit-suisse.com/sites/article-feeds/en/rss/articles.feed


Site not work

 30/30 Multi
  1.  appeared first text
  2. Missing pictures
  3. Featured Image not set
  4. Missing pics and featured images
  5. Rename into Credit Suisse


  1. Cant be removed automatically
  2. Partly fixed. When the grabber detect image – take it. Sometime it can’t detect.
  3. RSSGrabber fix. Works now for new posts
  4. RSS Grabber Fix
  5. DONE


Original Archive: iconomix – Blog

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=https://www.iconomix.ch/de/blog/list/blog.rss



Their RSS Not work

 30/30 Multi
  1. Bugs with formatting at the end of every post
  2. Missing Featured images
  3. Missing text
  4. Missing image inside the post – iconomix
  1. CSS Fixed for text


Original Archive:


Seeking Alpha on CHF


Original Archive: Seeking Alpha on CHF

RSS: http://seekingalpha.com/api/sa/combined/FXF.xml

30.Oct.2018  21 Multi
  1.  Lots of empty posts
  1. This feed not work.



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