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O38 Def of Done Process

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Video and Pics

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Checklist to Task

Step by Step

see also the video below this step by step

Step1: Attach Def of Done

1) The def of Done Dummy Checklist must be attached to all cards.

The Team/Niki attaches the list before going into George Prioritization column.

Def of Done Must Attach
Def of Done Must Attach

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Step2: Remove Y and move to George Prioritization

2) Team removes the Y when copying checklist to the next card.

Remove Y on copied Card
Remove Y on copied Card

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Step3: George verifies the def of done

3) George checks the def of done items.

Step4: George: Move back?

4) George moves the cards back when some parts of the Def of Done checklist are not OK

He moves it back into the first column when many items ARE NOT DONE, like images not uploaded.

Trello Lists Move Back Card when not all checked


Step5: Feedback

He also gives feedback for what is missing.


Step6: OK –> Next column

When all checklist items are OK, then George continues with defining the tasks.

He may say that there are two Def of Done checklists

  • Doc Def of Done
  • Task Def of Done

Video Name: Def of Done Checklist Process

Video Link to Trello

Detailed video of what Def of Done Checklist means and how the process is.


  • Def of Done must be attached to all cards, before move to George Prioritization (or before Niki Review)
  • How to copy the checklist, Removing the Y from the name
  • May separate into Doc Def of Done and Task Def of Done
  • George moves back when not all done
  • if OK, then we start doing the into Estimation column

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