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#6 (Law Firm Identification) 

Recruit a high-quality Law Firm if you are not working with one already, or provide details on your high-quality Law Firm if you are working with one.

If you are not working with a Law Firm, then write a bulleted list of at least two local Law Firm Candidates that have experience working with startups, including the local legal partner of the Founder Institute.

Write a second bulleted list of 10 to 15 interview questions for the Law Firm Candidates, using this guide (https://FI.co/guides/legal_interview).

Write an email to set up a new client virtual meeting with your Law Firm Candidates that will occur over the phone within the next few days, and provide the scheduled interview time for each firm. If you are already working with a Law Firm, then write the name of your Law Firm and the name of your lawyer, including their title.

Provide a couple of sentences that describes their work with high-profile startups, including the names of any success stories.

Click “Account” and enter the key details of your Law Firm, including “[Your Law Firm Name]: [The Full Name of Your Attorney], [Email Address], [Phone Number].” (2 Hours)



I have already a sole proprietorship company .
Here I am working with the following tax lawywer.

Anwaltsbüro Rabaglio/Schär 

As for taxes, I work with Barbara Stötzer
Attorney at law, Certified Tax Expert.

I will still reconsider the advice based on the legal interview guides

Advisory Board

#7 (Advisor Candidates)

Develop a target list of potential Advisor Candidates. You will create an Advisory Board over the next five weeks. Identify three Advisor Candidates across three categories for a minimum of nine targets.

The first category, “Startup,” is an experienced technology entrepreneur that has had one or more successful exits from previous companies that they founded.

The second category, “Industry,” is a well-recognized domain expert in your sector or industry that has experience in an area where you are personally weak or that you need help in.

or the third category, there are two options, “Technology” or “Marketing.” If you have not built a product or technology previously, then you should look for technologists with significant product management experience in your industry or sector. If you have limited experience with marketing or sales, then you should look for an individual with significant marketing or sales experience, preferably in your industry. Provide a bulleted list of the Advisor Candidates by category, including their name, title, company, Linkedin and the name of a potential Connector whom you know that can reach the Advisor Candidate. Work to identify the best Advisors possible. (2 Hours)


I see mentors like

Julien Lepetit,  or
Reginald Bien Aimé, Founder & CEO of Synerdreams

but also
Gil Paz
Founder of Pipsologie.com, FX Trader, Mentor and IB

John Styfe, Coach Trainer Consultant Author and Speaker

Alex Mauzon, PomoDone App CEO & Co-founder


Sean Goodman, Sales Manager, PageTraffic

Petar Limonov CoOwner in a SEO company


Christina Senn-Jakobsen, Managing Director at Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley

Ingeborg Gasser-Kriss, Owner and Founder of Agent21

Johann Thusbass, Head ICT, Rigi Bahnen





#8 (Advisor Outreach)

Start reaching out to Advisors through Connectors. Take your bulleted list of Advisor Candidates and add a person that you know and trust that can make a qualified introduction to each Advisor Candidate, which will be a Connector. Even if you know the Advisor Candidate, you want a Connector to be a reference for you. Write one sentence per Advisor Candidate on your strategy to engage with them using the Connector, and this list will become your Advisor Target List. Email each of the Connectors on your Advisor Target List to set up a call with the Connector to discuss your business.

During the call with the Connector, request an introduction or reference to the Advisor. After the call, write a brief email for the Connector to forward to the Advisor that includes a couple of sentences on the business, and follow up with the Connector until the introduction or reference is completed. If the introduced Advisor Candidate expresses interest, respond with a very brief email to set up a short call or virtual meeting, which will be the Initial Advisor Interview. If you are unable to reach any Connector or Advisor Candidate, replace that Advisor Candidate on your Advisor Target List, always maintaining at least nine high-quality Advisor Candidates. Update your Advisor Target List, including the one sentence strategy, with progress from the Connector calls and any Advisor Candidate outreach. The Initial Advisor Interview toward building an Advisory Board is covered in the next assignment. (3 Hours)


I have started to reach out with the first potential advisors.

First talks with Johann Thusbass and Alex Mauson.





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