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M31 Overview Improvements

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M31 Overview Media Improvements




Original Requirements

This is original requirement as contained in the Trello task as uploaded on August 25. It already contained the tag pop-up as function F4. The design decision could have taken here.


  • F1 Media Quick Edit
  • F2 and F3 are implemented and
  • F7 propagation of Alt Text (or showing media.ALT Text)  into posts seems to be possible.
  • The F4 Tag Popup is not yet implemented. It cannot be part of function F1, at least when we follow the existing design (we hook into quick edit). So we could create the Media Tagging Wizard.


media-functionalitiesMedia Tools Import from Confluence

Media Tools Import from Confluence

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Media Tools

Media Tools Bug

Media Tools Bug
M3x Media Tools Bug

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