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This is about the ImpactHub in Zurich


Jan Fülscher 
– Business Model & Lean Startup
Dominik Schmid
– Legal
Tauras Sinkus 
– SEO & Digital Marketing
Stephan Egloff 
– Branding with a Purpose
Stefan Bercx 
– Accounting, Taxes & Strategy
Manuel Hartmann 
– Lead Generation
Matthias Hölling 
– Intellectual Property
Beat Probst
– Finance, Business & Riskmanagement
Eric Kuenzi  
– Legal & Governance
Evelyn Braun 
– Foundations & Non Profit
Tibor Dienes  
– Sales & Negotiation
Glen Oberholzer  
– Customer Experience
Jouni Epper 
– Corporate Communications & Marketing Business Development


Make sure that the Impact Hub has the same phone number as you use in Telegram.
You might need to edit your profile in

Click on Telegram in IHZ

Inside the browser: Click on Send Message
Make sure that Telegram opens (default program).
Click on Contact inside Telegram channel.

Success message.

Now you are able to Connect via Telegram inside IHZ, if the members have enabled Telegram.

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