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PRIV P34 Archive Content: New URLs

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Currently a lot of content is visible under the category main page. We would like to move content into archives by year. An important discussion are here Permalinks that would change.

normal page: https://snbchf.com/snb/history-of-snb-sight-deposits/

“archived” page: https://snbchf.com/snb/2014-snb/chf-appreciation-swiss-economy/

In this case the WP admin would move all 2014 content under a new parent page “2014-SNB”. In order not to lose the links, we will generate a list of URL redirects for the htaccess file with our Permalinks and Archive Aid.
In this example it would a redirect from /snb/XXX  to /snb/2014-snb/XXX

The task is done for CHF and SNB, but not yet for other categories.

We try to use relatively short URLs and do not archive Theory pages.

  • Gold Standard: 2014-GS (might exist already)
  • Gold: 2014-Gold
  • Eurocrisis: 2014-EC
  • Swiss Macro: 2014-SM
  • Global Macro: 2014-GM
  • Markets: 2014-Mar






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