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R68 Blog Data Update / Datawrapper

Page no: R68
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Our blog snbchf.com very often needs to be updated with newest data. An order to be on top of Google we need to update the data with new graphs from 2015.


The following page on snbchf.com shows old data from 2012. We have not updated the data.

In the meantime there is a Big Mac Index 2015, as visible on this page

The task is to improve the snbchf.com page.

  1. We want to show both graphs, data graph from 2012 on left side and data graph from 2015 on right side.
  2. Moreover in the title it should be written “Big Mac Index 2012” and “Big Mac Index 2015” instead only “Big Mac Index”.
  3. As usual, we want to improve image SEO. So we re-upload the images with correct name and as ALT text additionally some countries.

Big Mac Index 2012

Data Wrapper


(December 10)

problems in Data Wrapper


(December 05)

World Bank Data and Savings Rate


World Bank Data and Savings Rate

(December 05)






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