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How does it work?



It cached all pages for 24 hours.

The cache is cleared if a new post is added or there is a change in the content of any post. It clears only the pages which are changed. For example if you add new post – it changes home page, category and the single page.
A newly published post is cached automatically, including archive, category, etc.

How much time does it take to cache all pages? When one user opens a page, then it is cached the first time and remains in the cache.
A page that is never opened, is never cached, or?  We do not know what is really cached.
How often is it run?


It is running always. When a user open a page, after that the page is cached. The user after him will open the cached page.
Does it reduce performance?



No, it increase the performance in the end.
How do you Crons and Page Cache?   Crons and Page cache doesn’t have anything in common. Crons are not related to the cache. They are different processes.


Recent Page (2020 december) from Frankfurt (PingDom Tools)

Old page from 2013.
(Testing on December 2020)
Took about 5-7 seconds the first time from Frankfurt.

Second time from New York: 3.50 sec, from Frankfurt 1.59 sec.

Link to SNB WP Super Cache


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