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2From 04/08

One Thing: DNS server of snbchf is in the US (hostgator) while Swissmacro is Ghandi
but physical Server in Germany
write a page for this task
We need to identify what the SEO effect is when the DNS management is in the US and the server in Germany.

It is similar to C-net question for a server
snbchf is not here, too
even better
snbchf is on hostgator
more promos
easy to use
better uptime
hi did u break my jetpack Connection on snbchf?
Do u know the procedure when u restore a backup Buddy backup?
I turned off some plugins into new site
only this
this is very important
essentially u must delete all WP-Option entries of jetpack
I jusst turned it off
This is already good
but there was a Connection in the beginning
and mailpoeet, tweetily
and etc
essentially everything and then restart from scratch
for each plugin if it is needed or not
twittily extremely important
to deactivate
it is deactivated
I will reconnect
could u add a Task for Spam Investigation CleanTalk vs. Akismet
Massive increase of spam after very low spam in Jan to March
comment spam that Akismet cannot fight
seems to come from
since I reactivated$

They are only flagged as spam

0 approved

newbalanceoverpronationwalkingx Flagged as spam by Akismet
Submitted on 2015/04/28 at 12:03 am
Causes in QuestionThese results and management’s oud half of 2012 as compared to the first half..
[url=]new balance overpronation walking[/url]
Cleantalk ID = eb2e8d4d1ba4f9d7861a4d3343c83090
Approve | Reply | Quick Edit | Edit | History | Spam | TrashSeems that cleantalk creates its own spam
we should investigate it
Next Task: Photon

Accelerate your site by loading images from the CDN.
can we replace our CDN by Photon?

Manage all your sites from a centralized place,
Important again that swissmacro and test completely disconnects from snbchf
in particular WP_options for jetpack
This message has been removed.

Receive notifications from Jetpack if your site goes offline — and when it it returns.
jetpack seems to be fucked up
did u set to private site?
yes,i set it
i will add the tasks tom
please add also the page for restoring backups
you have an old email with the details
There will also a Task for cleanup of sites


please create doc page for it
U see I got 6 sites
some not existing, some not really used
i will view this, too
Another Task verify IP IP
this is the new IP in a different c net

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