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Widget priority

Change priority of newsletters and widget


Widget: Just move them

  • Double Checks on Category Widget, if all is OK (see screenshot for a problem: Gold post is inside Swiss National Bank)
  • Zerohedge Switzerland feed: if it has more words about Swiss or Switzerland then in news about Swiss, otherwise put into debt and paper money
  • New posts first: First is New Post, older posts go to the bottom
  • Top Prio: George Dorgan, Swiss National Bank,
  • Second Prio: Switzerland, Swiss, CHF
  • Third Prio: Gold, Gold Standard, FX Trends, Helicopter Money, Negative Rates
  • Fourth Prio: Others (Global Macro) Hugh smith, Austrian, Debt, ZH
  • For the others the decision is made based on number of economic graphs!!

Order Posts Swiss SNB first

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Priorities of Widgets

  • New posts first: First is New Posts, older posts go to the bottom
  • Posts on SNB and CHF is always on Top, compared to other new posts, they go down after 2 days.
  • Top Prio :Gold Standard, George Dorgan, Henry Smith, Swiss National Bank
  • Second Prio, all with Switzerland: CHF, Switzerland, Swiss Markets, Switzerland and gold
  • Third Prio: All others, newest first

Widgets On Snbchf

. Source: Widgets On Snbchf - Click to enlarge

Widget SNB to Top when new Post

Widget SNB to Top when new Post
Widget SNB to Top when new Post

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Widget Order SNB Move Sometimes


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