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Unique Selling Points

#8 (Switching Costs) Based on your work to Interview Competitor Customers, write a few sentences about your thoughts on the amount of time and any related costs that a target customer might incur by switching to your solution from alternative solutions. Write another few sentences on how your solution will be multiple times better, faster or cheaper than alternative solutions. (1 Hour)


Customer 1: does Offsite SEO by distributing his own articles to various websites.
Customer 2: Offsite SEO with a professional SEO company longer time ago, but not refreshed due to high prices.
Is not able to break into his competitors markets given that traditional SEO has extremely high costs when moving into new markets / creating a bigger market for hist product.
Detail: Lamps made of ONYX are currently an extreme niche market. For competitor keywords like “table lamp” or “floor lamp”, he will not be ranked at all.
Customer 3: Never done Offsite SEO, due to knowledge or price issues.
We are better because
  1. We tell him that his content will be continuously republished, but we also can publish similar content to his one – and this with a lot less work than he has today.
  2. We are able to build content based on the keywords of his competitors (e.g. table lamp and floor lamp), but we still link to his products (e.g. ONYX Lamps).
  3. We try to teach such kind of clients that Offsite SEO is important and not so expensive as he thought.
#5 (Uniquely Qualified) For each Customer Problem, write one paragraph on why you are uniquely qualified to work on the problem, which may include your education, your employment, your beliefs or your passions. Write a second self-reflective paragraph on why you believe that you will be able to run a business that focuses on the Customer Problem for the next 10 years. (1 Hour) Customer Segment 1: EasyBacklinks, Automatic SEO Improvements
Owner: 5 years experience in improving SEO for own blogs.
Team: Development lead has > 10 years experience in SEO and WordPress plugins for standard SEO
the complete integration of the flows (overview diagram) does not exists yet.Competitors are only focusing on one piece in the flow. Moreover competitors are still very small.
Supporting the whole flow is hence something completely new.

Customer Segment 2: PromoteAuthor
for authors and influences
Owner: More than 15 experience in the Finance and Economic area
5 years + experience in writing own blog

Passionate About
: blogging, structured writing, Finance, Investment
Why > 10 years:

1) Classic case of turning a hobby into a business.
if your interests and passions match what earn a living on, then it is sustainable.
2) My long-term intent is continue this business ( or call it hobby) also after retirement.

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