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My Company Depends on the Customer segments
is developing Automated SEO and Blogging Solutions Problem worth solving
to help
(5 customer segments)
  1. Help Authors to sell their names and products
  2. Multi-author websites to source content from their authors and promote author visibility
  3. Companies to keep their reputation or information
  4. Companies to increase their SEO
  5. News agencies to obtain news on certain subjects earlier
A.Who is posting what about me?B. Distribute my content so I get more visibility
C. Who is posting what about my company?
D. Rank me better in Google?
E. What are the latest news about a subject?
using automatically search and store internet content (text, videos, social media) based on the customers’ keywords A platform for gathering keyword-based or author-based news and content in any form like text, videos or social media. Content can be published automatically in a web-site.



Programming Team in Bulgaria


Startup idea:

We aggregate content from various high-quality sources, like Youtube or blog posts or other freely available content on the internet. The selection of content is based on keywords that are relevant for the customers. The content is gathered automatically in a WordPress database.

Client benefit

This keyword-based content in our database can be used in various business models.

Example 1a: All about me as author. Increase my visibility and traffic to my own sales pages.

  • Author himself
  • Aggregation site

Example 1b: All about my company. Avoid negative reputation.
Example 2: All news about a certain topic.
Example 3: Continuously generate new backlinks with high-quality about the keywords above from our WordPress database. This will strongly increase the SEO of the customer, because usual backlinks age very quickly.

Prototypes are running in the Finance and investment area for Example 1a


Customers Which problem do we solve Status
our Sales
Pages (S30) 
Sales Channels   Phase Comments
Simple Sales
S11 S11 S01
Patreon, Popup, banner
Affiliation / Partners S11
same as simple sales?
Obtain backlinks for their clients.
S03 S33 S33
Different channel from S31
All about author


Google Analytics?
Eng / German?
Increase traffic to their sales pages
(like seminars or research,books)
MVP or Beta
S32: April-June
Customer Validation
Aggregation Consultancy S14 S14
Better Websites, easier content integration
S04 S34 S34
Cold Calls
Call cold clients
News Aggregation S15 S15
All news about a certain subject.
S05 S35 S35
Company news S16 S16
Avoid bad reputation
S06 S36
Partners content to be moved to S33
SEO / Satellite Site S17
ONYX, PomodoneApp,
S17 S07 MVP, PowerPoint Automatic Backlinks
cold Calls, Sales Agents
or mails: Bulgarian clients?
SEO (Satellite Site) 6 months
ONYX: June – Nov
Start Building Site: May
Trello to WordPress S18 S18 S08 External GUI S38
No Sales Pages
–> Create
WordPress Plugins S19 S19 S09 S39 WordPress Pro
–> Doc Pages (old sprints)
–> Step-By-Step Guides
1. WordPress Plugin Directory –> click on our Sales Page
2. Pro Version with full functionality



Integrate this content from S30





Product / Service
Sales Channels
Pricing Model
Sales Strategy
Cold Calling Aggregation
ConsultancyBlog Creation Consultancy
Call your potential clients
Cold Email Team
Free Software WP Plugin Directory Software for free, open source, not easy to make money Donation
Paid plugins (pro version)
(Blog with free plugins) Blog Reading
(with free plugins)
Blog SNBCHF Patreon, Popup, banner Donations, Small Sales,
  (Client’s ) Site Blog:

  • Choose the origin site for the content
  • Aggregate the content
  • with logical structure object based,
  • with far more than your products but related

Good and unique content

(3h per day)

Clients come to you
Backlinks with keywords   Clients come to you
Tag/Backlink Integration Software Cooperation with sales people who search for backlinks    
Establish Need Understand Build Product
  Get Known Price
Who George        –>
(1h per day)
(no time yet)