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CM38 Portable Apps Sync with Table

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Page no: CM38
Video and pics

Sync Apps with Table

Portable Apps Sync

with Portable Apps Table

Video link to Trello.

Trello Summary:

  • Portable Apps Software has same name as Portable Software Table
  • Use common name, example Audiograbber
  • if dependent Software, keep in Portable Apps, but not copy into Portable Software Table
  • Give correct name for dependent start with SW name
  • (see folder and executable when u scroll) –> Screenshot
  • Right computer/profile when we have multiple installation Firefox, Iridium
  • Add missing software into Portable Software Table
  • “Not Portable Apps, but portable” into Table if Software is not in Portable Apps (verify again)




Sync Programs Folder
Sync Programs Folder

- Click to enlarge


Base Software Sync

Video name: Base Software Sync Feedback

Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary:

  • Order Table by Area/Category and compare with base software folder
  • Order Table by Name and compare with c:\dropbox




The screen shows some problems from the video:

Table did not have link

Do not link to executable file

Table Fields
Table Fields

- Click to enlarge

Video name: Sync Table with PortableApps
Video has no sound. Feedback video

Alphabetical Sync

Video name: Alphabetical Sync PortableApps

Video Link to Trello

This video is hidden from Vimeo


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