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Page no: A84


A84 Author Content Widget:
for Author Home Page


First solution


It is a widget, part of PicCat Widget

Order of the authors by first name.

Change to last name.

–> Done on european. Must be distributed, if it is OK.

The issue is that we have many users without last name.

–> move First Name into Last Name

Empty Names

Many authors have empty last names (or first names).

They should not be shown in the widgets, so that they cannot be selected.

The same applies for authors that do not have many posts.


Requirements for new problem


The author content tools have the following options:

  • We can exclude authors that have empty first or last name (two checkboxes)
  • Do not show authors with less than X posts in the widget for selection
  • The other options are not only valid for Author Posts Widget but not for Author Picture on Home Page.




The Option Section is accessible

  • From each widget
  • from the PromoteAuthor Tools


The Parameter are adapted for authors and not categories

Author Posts Widget




New solution


We introduce a new plugin with the options above. It is currently on Syndication installed.

The plugin is called Author Content Widget .

The widget can be also used on the home page.

PA Author Content Tools GUI

PA Author Content Tools GUI


–> A83

Home Page Widget before applying parameters


Old homepage widget

After applying parameters on Austrian ecoblogs

  1. Currently we show authors with more than 50 posts only.
  2. We have  more authors than before
  3. We have many authors without avatars









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