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PRIV Ma67 WP Tags & Keywords

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This page is about WordPress Tags and Keywords for  the Thunderbird pages. (for Thunderbird tags here)


Video and Pics

Cleanup Thunderbird Videos


Use this format:

Thunderbird Focus Keywords: (not complete yet, you can put links)

— delete all which are not in the video


Installation (CM02a)

IMAP File Folders (CM02b)


Tags (CM02c):

Saved Search (CM2d):

Message Filters (CM2e)

Other Thunderbird Add-ons (CM2f):

Thunderbird Other Settings (CM2g):

Thunderbird Cleanup (CM2z): Same as other 99 pages





rate the video

Is it useful:

5 stars max. 1 Star min
Typically old videos are less useful



  • add missing date to video name on Vimeo
  • Fill the list with focus keywords on CM02z
  • add links (in the URL there must be thunderbird)
  • add additional keywords to CM02z
  • for each video add the keywords (you can copy from CM02z, but delete the ones that do not fit)
  • add the keywords as tags to the page , “Thunderbird tags”, “Thunderbird Saved Search”, …. (always with Thunderbird)



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